9 times nature got us confused – these will surprise you too!

In today’s post, we will show you images of nature that would get you glancing a second and possibly a third time.

What do you think about these confusing images of nature? Did any of them surprise you? Tell us in the comment section!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Lorna Lake
I really do wish that some of these photos would have some factual information rather than just the rather bland and meaningless comments!
Apr 19, 2021 7:17PM
Elsy O. Stromberg
The "bird" is very pretty in #9, but doesn't look like a penguin to me. Liked the running tree as well.
Jun 1, 2021 3:47PM
Kamini Gangadeen Wight
cwisconsin, that type of fungus on trees is common in the rain forest
May 20, 2021 5:05AM
The bird flower is beautiful
Apr 20, 2021 9:31PM
Darlene Davidson
Liked the iris the most. The tree ear photo perfectly shows why this fungus is aptly named.
Apr 20, 2021 4:20PM
I didn't find these photos creepy at all but rather beautiful. Nature always amazes me & leaves me in awe. My favorite was the iris covered in water droplets that looked like twinkling lights or stars, sooooo beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing however instead of cutesy comments how about some actual info. Example: I would like to have known what the pumpkin looking fruit was.
Apr 20, 2021 3:37PM
It would have been nice to know what these images were on and came from. What's up with the orange/jack be little pumpkin pic, chocolate covered fungi, what type of fungi was on which type of tree that has an "ear". etc.
Apr 20, 2021 10:12AM
No. 9 is the best.
Apr 20, 2021 10:02AM
Lynne Cage
Terrific pics Thnx for sharing
Apr 19, 2021 11:01PM
Marian Spitzig
Some Great pictures. Some rather dubious commentary.
Apr 19, 2021 7:36PM
What about #5, The "Ear" on the tree? Disturbing.
Apr 19, 2021 6:52PM
Leticia Olsen
👍🏼Yes, I’ve found a lot more or less like these pictures. Example pansies, the flowers look like human faces smiling or frowning. Hot lips flowers look like lips with red lipsticks. Orchids flowers look like sticking its tongue to you. Thanks for sharing, I thought I’m the only one imagining.💭🤔
Apr 19, 2021 5:21PM

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