International Earth day - the celebration of healthy environment

A story that won't leave you indifferent, a piece of advice that will help you to change the world. Join us and feel your power!

Earth day is an international holiday celebrated on 22th of April that makes us remember how important our environment is and how many problems are not resolved yet. I offer you to join me and get inspired by the idea of healthy environment because real change starts with the individual person taking action.

The living example is 7 year-old Ryan Hickman who started his recycling business at the age of 3,5! Imagine how much one amazing child can do...

You might ask "What can I do in the first place to change the situation?" There are some pieces of advice :

Are you going to celebrate this holiday? Are you ready to make a difference? SHARE your thoughts about this problem and ways to solve it in the comments!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Deborah Gilham
I recycle all my paper, cardboard, glass, cans and #1 and #2 plastic. But most importantly, I reduce and reuse whenever possible. I do my best to prevent stuff from going to the landfill! If we ALL did this, what a tremendous help we would be to the environment! !
Apr 22, 2017 5:29PM
Sean Philips
Sally Hancock, they usually don’t leave anything behind. Don’t believe the Murdoch propaganda!
Feb 4, 2020 1:10AM
Sean Philips
Jim Adams, hahahahahaha
Feb 4, 2020 1:09AM
Jim Adams
No one country has done more or spent more then the United States. All of the U.S. should br proud. If mankind s
Nov 6, 2019 4:53PM
patricia crosland
We have specific areas where we can put glass, paper, aluminium cans, and take my own reusable shopping bags to the supermarket
Oct 14, 2019 11:04PM
Joy Holbrook
In Australia, very few people choose to dry their clothes in the dryer, unless they live in an apartment. Every home or unit with a garden, has a clothesline.
May 24, 2019 5:45AM
Jacqueline Tattam
Mark Ann Dubaz, how do you know how Al Gore’s clothes are dried?
Apr 15, 2019 10:33PM
I can't believe how different I am now than i was in my thing I remember hearing often when I was young was that old people can't learn....what a bunch of hogwash...I have learned more since I hit 60 than i ever thought possible...I haven't littered in 40 years...I recycle...I walk...pheewww...
Jun 2, 2018 11:36PM
Mark Ann Dubaz
Can you see Al Gore hanging clothes on a line outside to dry. NOT. Hypocrite.
Apr 17, 2018 5:03PM
Joseph O'Connor
Great pictures
Mar 4, 2018 4:40PM
Deborah Gilham, I do the same...
Apr 26, 2017 10:02AM
Sally Hancock
I recycle all that I can. When I see what protesters leave behind in the name of protecting the environment it makes me angry.
Apr 25, 2017 10:15AM
Kathie Streicker
What a great kid. Adults could learn a lot from him.
Apr 24, 2017 1:46PM
Olga M. Ramirez
Very nice, thank you!👍
Apr 24, 2017 12:46AM
Rufina Ayala
Apr 23, 2017 8:32PM
Bunola Silverthorne Hovey
Deborah Gilham, I do too!!
Apr 23, 2017 1:46PM

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