Masterpiece made by our nature - a bird with colorful feathers

Our nature is full of marvels. Nicobar pigeon must be one of the most outstanding natural miracles. If you haven't seen this fabulous creature yet, then it’s time to do it now.

The Nicobar pigeon is the closest living relative to the extinct Dodo, although one can never say that they are connected. This pigeon has colorful feathers that attract everyone's attention. The very first time when you see this beautiful creature, you can't stop admiring it. Just take a look!

Do you like this bird? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Sandra Folts
Beautiful bird!
Sep 24, 2021 12:56AM
Audrey Lee
Absolutely amazing and beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Aug 18, 2020 4:26PM
Krishna Chandra Singh Sanger
Nicobar Pigeon.
Feb 19, 2020 9:12AM
Beautiful. They also look related to the Peacocks. I used to raise them, India Blues...even had a white one who I named Casper the Friendly Ghost...called Casper. They were so entertaining and most people don't know they're very good flyers & bathe & play eggs in sand. They're quiet if it's quiet, but excellent watchdogs. Normally they only make noise in mating season, a round April or May. I loved having them!!
Jan 16, 2020 8:18PM
What a lovely bird. I hope they’re doing something to keep him around!
Dec 5, 2019 7:08PM
Naomi Prabhakar
Exquisite treat for the eyes Beautiful color range of feathers
Dec 4, 2019 11:37PM
truly beautiful.
Nov 6, 2019 1:12PM
Karen S. Wolf
Gorgeous. I wish the pigeons in Las Vegas were as attractive!
Oct 15, 2019 6:40PM
Rosario Javier
Only God can create such wonders! Thank you for sharing and letting us appreciate these wonderful and amazing creations..
Sep 29, 2019 6:01AM
Lynne Cage
Stunning 🌈
Sep 1, 2019 9:02PM
Francisco Perez Ruiz
Is beautiful and amazing
Aug 31, 2019 6:57AM
Linalinda Eichin
Stunning colours
Aug 22, 2019 5:38PM
Tom Kelly
its nice but there are lots of more spectacular birds out there. The birds of paradise come to mind.
Jul 15, 2019 4:29PM
Brenda Greasley
After 87yrs how is it that this bird has only come to light? Never ever seen one before????
Jun 24, 2019 8:07AM
Julie Allen
Linda Spreng, We once had both, the Dodo lost and so did we.
Jun 19, 2019 11:16PM

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