Nature keeps surprising us – 15 fascinating pictures

With its eternal patience and limitless power, nature creates the most glorious things. It's impossible to believe that these perfect and beautiful coincidences weren't planned – just take a look at these 15 amazing pictures and you'll understand what I mean.

Which of these photographs are your favorite? How often do you personally notice such beautiful little things? Tell us about them in the comments!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Paulette Arnold
Sunflower growing out of sidewalk
Oct 21, 2020 10:34PM
Jo Farrell
Frogs my favourite.
Oct 8, 2020 1:55PM
Lynne Cage
Stunning pics Mother Nature 💐🌻
Oct 7, 2020 11:31PM
bina sarmah
These grapes will make 100 bottles wine,
Oct 7, 2020 9:51PM
Dorothy Weal Dunshea
Really touched me, amazing & beautiful. I loved the grapes. the flowers on the path. Mt Fuji, wow where do I stop, the leaves & the orchid. I'll stop now I could go on. I cannot decide, just thank you. Thank you thank you.💕
Oct 7, 2020 8:33PM
Thank you Father God for all of your perfect creations.
Oct 7, 2020 11:09AM
jeannine mkelk
Amazing and beautiful! We should all slow down, take notice and take some pictures to remember!
Oct 7, 2020 1:58AM
They were all awesome and amazing. Mama Gaea is an Artist and Creator. Thank you for sharing and making us appreciate our planet. Be well.
Oct 7, 2020 12:31AM
Julie Domaille
Hard to pick a favourite but love mount Fuji's hat & the ice brella over the bird table is amazing
Oct 6, 2020 6:24PM
Raymond Cardona
Nature continues to amaze me every day with simple yet intricate beauty. Bonnie
Oct 6, 2020 5:48PM
Chriss Crockford
All amazing thank you for sharing
Oct 6, 2020 5:38PM
Satish Chandran
Sleeping dews on a leaf- Nature gives beauty.
Oct 6, 2020 5:36PM
Linda Spreng
#7, 2 shadows. #8, teeny, tiny maple leaf. The grasshoppers are cool, too. They ALL are wonderful.
Oct 6, 2020 4:56PM
Finding and taking a photo just at the right time! " WOW " 😊💛
Oct 6, 2020 4:18PM

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