These weird yet cute birds definitely look like alien creatures

Have you ever seen the potoo birds? Their appearance makes people a little bit confused: they seem creepy, but you can't deny that they make faces.

These potoo birds usually feed on insects, but they can also eat small animals. They can see you move even with their eyes closed, due to a narrow opening at the bottom of their eyelids. Their squawk is totally terrifying. The common potoo is the loudest at night. Potoos are quite lazy birds. Besides, they do not mate as other birds normally do. Typically, potoos are totally monogamous: once they find their love, it's forever. They are good parents. Their most recognizable feature is their shape of mouths.

Potoos are not one species of birds, they are a group of related species in the family of 'Nyctibiidae'. They branch out into one of seven species, thus, on photos the may look vastly different depending upon the species.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Beautiful pics! I learned today since never heard of this owl like looking bird.
Sep 16, 2020 12:18AM
Lynne Cage
Great pics!
Jun 12, 2020 4:38AM
What interesting and cute birds!
Oct 30, 2019 2:01AM
Jacqueline Tattam
carolgarabedian, they probably think the same about you!
Oct 2, 2019 4:19PM
Don Racette
Jeanieus I love your name!
Aug 28, 2019 10:28PM
Amazing shows Gods sense of humor
Aug 27, 2019 7:33PM
Jean Sizer
interesting to see
Aug 27, 2019 6:15AM
Joy Holbrook
They look and behave exactly like an Australian bird called the Tawny Frogmouth.
Aug 27, 2019 5:18AM
Christine Machen
Brian Kearns, This region is bordered by Mexico to the north, Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west and south. Central America consists of seven countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. The combined population of Central America is estimated to be between 41,739,000 (2009 estimate)[2] and 42,688,190 (2012 estimate).[3]
Aug 26, 2019 7:21AM
Krishna Chandra Singh Sanger
Aug 25, 2019 5:32AM
Linda Ulrich Murphy
These are all rather ugly birds... a couple are so ugly they are cute.
Aug 25, 2019 3:53AM
Cheryl McMeekin
Never heard of or seen this type of bird before, very interesting.
Aug 25, 2019 1:34AM
Ilias Tsiabardas
It's a nocturnal Bird that lives in Sentral and South America.
Aug 24, 2019 9:13PM
Ilias Tsiabardas
Never heard of them never seen one
Aug 24, 2019 9:02PM
Julie Allen
Look like frogmouths, to which they are apparently related.
Aug 24, 2019 8:30PM

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