7 "bad" foods that are actually good for your health

Trying to divide foods into "good" and "bad" ones is not always a great idea. Some of the tastiest products are unjustly labeled as being unhealthy, and it can't go on like this! Let's find out what these foods are and restore their reputation.

Are any of your favorite products on the list? Do you try to avoid any of them? Did this information make you change your opinion on any of these foods?

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
L Lh Adams
I was hoping that fried cheese would be good for the health.
Oct 30, 2020 4:14PM
bina sarmah
#5 Banana: Never heard banana is in bad food list. Banana contains 100 calories and it has many nutrients including Potassium. It keeps you satisfied for long time.
Oct 31, 2020 1:15PM
Lynne Cage
I eat all of these foods, yes in moderation
Sep 13, 2021 1:11AM
Leonardo Scamacca
What’s the next story, “good” foods that are actually bad? 🙄
Jun 26, 2021 8:14PM
Adriana Zuliani
Coffee and dark chocolate. I consume them in moderation.
May 16, 2021 10:43PM
Fran Rainey
Peanuts are not a nut. They grow in the ground, not on a tree.
Apr 5, 2021 5:46PM
Caroline Weis
I love everything listed here and eat them regularly. Some every day and others once a week.
Nov 30, 2020 12:48AM
They forgot bacon!
Nov 7, 2020 4:55PM
Isagani Isidro Sogocio
I usually eat all of these things. Thank you for sharing all in moderation methos of eating these foods.
Nov 5, 2020 4:38PM
Thank you for sharing all in moderation because it does not matter where the calories came from.. I eat what I like. Period. Remember you are what you eat.
Nov 2, 2020 8:40PM
Elizabeth Topaczewska, DITTO all in moderation. Be well.
Nov 2, 2020 8:38PM
Richard Perkins
Linda Spreng, And it's not even spelled thier.
Oct 31, 2020 1:31PM
Richard Perkins
I stopped eating my nightly bowl of ice cream and lost 13 pounds in 3 months.
Oct 31, 2020 1:30PM
YUM - my favourite foods are on this list, lol. I can't eat a lot of ice cream but do love a wee bit now and again.
Oct 31, 2020 11:58AM
Joyce Greenlees
MarkArose, legumes, actually.
Oct 31, 2020 7:19AM
Darlene Davidson
All the food groups are present on a pizza.
Oct 30, 2020 7:26PM

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