8 unique facts about twins

The number of twins in the world is multiplying every year, but many people are still unaware of the most incredible facts about them. Let's gain new knowledge and destroy some common myths about twins.

Did this information surprise you? Are you a twin? Or are there twins in your family?

Tell us in the comments!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Leticia Olsen
🙏🏼Thanks for sharing!! I love twins!!💞
May 29, 2021 5:39AM
Corinne Rainsforth
I have identical twin sons. They are 47 years old. Different finger prints tho. Even at this age their close friends have trouble telling them apart. They did have their own language. Both olympians in the sport of Judo, one is now a family doctor with a specialty in sports med, the other is a police sergeant.
Oct 30, 2020 5:27PM
Rachel Costa
I might add that they were large for twins. 8lb 7 oz and 8 lb 8oz. 19 1/2” and 20 1/2” one boy one girl. Boy ambidextrous... girl right handed
Sep 28, 2020 5:09PM
Rachel Costa
I have fraternal grand twins. They had their (twin Talk) the only word we figured out was Dindon. Meant... Big truck... they are now 15 and have no recollection of their own language
Sep 28, 2020 5:05PM
Janis Woolsey
I've always been fascinated by twins and this article was excellent.....
Aug 3, 2020 11:46PM
Adele Dennis
I have identical twins and the twin speech has brought back happy memories for me
Jul 24, 2020 6:38AM
Paul Vickers
I’m a twin and We are complete different people, they use to think my younger brother and my twin was the real twins lol.
Jul 10, 2020 1:54AM
Cheryl Romano
My twins are 47. I didn’t fit the age fact...I was 23. And I don’t have double uterus. I had one lefty and one is a righty. They are not identical. I think I got pregnant with second when I was already pregnant. And at 40 weeks the first one wanted out from being stuck up under my ribcage, so by C-section the smaller 36 week baby came out first. They did communicate with each other, I know that because at 8 months when one asked me about letters on their wooden blocks, 2 weeks later they both knew it.
May 6, 2020 8:21PM
Shae Deschenes
Very interesting, especially seeing them talk to each other in their own magical language. Too bad no one can understand it or have medical teams ever tried to decipher it.
Apr 14, 2020 3:13PM
Carol Ragsdale
Very interesting
Mar 12, 2020 4:27PM
Doreen Henricks
Terry Evans, I knew a pair of identical twins with this. They told me they were "mirror twins".
Feb 28, 2020 8:47PM
Doreen Henricks
Jo Farrell, Did your twin know the other half? (lol)
Feb 28, 2020 8:46PM
Very informative. I should have had twins because I had 2 sacs, but the 2nd one just burst onto the doctor. My daughter doesn't realize why she has always felt alone.
Feb 22, 2020 4:05PM
Very informative and interesting information, especially the one where twins were born weeks apart. I loved the talking between the 2 twin brothers and their gestures. Thank you for educating us.
Feb 17, 2020 10:42PM
Patricia Pierre
I am a twin with a brother. He had one arm that was very reddened and slightly swollen at birth. Apparently I was lying on his arm for quite some time. My mum said that’s what the doctor told her.
Feb 17, 2020 1:25PM

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