13 hilarious photos of dads and their children

Being a father is not easy. Take a look at these top 13 dads who are trying their best!

QuizzClub’s Community is delighted with creativity and humor of these dads. Hope these photos will bring a smile to your faces. Relax and have some fun! :)

Do these photos make you smile? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
How about more of these? These are GREAT DADS! 😊💛
Sep 4, 2020 7:55PM
Lynne Cage
Love this! Made my day 😁👍🏼
May 22, 2021 2:21AM
Tallia Gluck
bina sarmah, You're so right! He's a great dad!
May 7, 2021 9:26PM
Tallia Gluck
A lot of these pictures are very funny, but my favorite is the baby dressed up in his/ her dad's suit!
May 7, 2021 9:25PM
bina sarmah
ninakamwene, My husband put my daughter swim suit backward, which left her front open and back cover.
Mar 12, 2021 5:19PM
bina sarmah
Dads with 5 girls must have dress. It should be mandatory.
Mar 12, 2021 5:17PM
Rhonda McMurray
My son once put an TMNT outfit on his daughter that came off a teddy bear & sent me a picture, l loved it#
Jan 18, 2021 7:47PM
Jan 16, 2021 5:45PM
Rosemary Avillion
I laughed seeing every one👏👏👏
Jan 10, 2021 5:55PM
calvinbiggers associates
LOL! Thanks Moms for having a good sense of humor! Dads thanks for your loving time and creativity!!
Dec 21, 2020 4:22AM
Julie Domaille
Love the police Dad writing his daughter a ticket. Awwww
Sep 28, 2020 7:27PM
Tina Bonanno
Need more of this. Great for breaking the BORING times we are in. Thanks
Sep 15, 2020 5:03PM
Lourdes Walker
Love it I’m not a mother but it’s awesome !!
Sep 8, 2020 4:51PM
Loved it! Dads will be dads. Can you imagine if men had to give birth and raise babies! The planet would be without humans in 10 years. I never left my daughter with her dad until she was about 3 years old and communicating. Bless them. Girls with loving dads find loving mates. She is dad's baby girl.
Sep 5, 2020 6:53PM
So funny, I loved it.
Sep 5, 2020 10:44AM
Christine Barrett
Brilliant I didn’t stop laughing
Sep 5, 2020 5:36AM

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