6 incredible places where people live alongside exotic animals

We have become extremely isolated from nature. Still, there are places in the world where a dozen of monkeys can easily approach you, and people live alongside packs of deer...

There are places where humans are not the only animals in town. Keep reading to find out about six places where humans and animals live side by side.

Which of these places is the coolest? Would you like to live in any of these cities? Or would you visit them as a tourist?

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Susan Madanat
Humans feeding these animals has led them being very overweight and this cannot be good for the animals health as they would not be this size in normal conditions. Re the parakeets and London there was a short lived proposal to start an extermination process as they were having a negative effect on native birds. The same happened when people brought the American grey squirrels to the UK which very quickly surpassed the native red squirrels which are very hard to find now.
Apr 27, 2021 6:06PM
Adriana Zuliani
The fox village in Japan. Very interesting.
Apr 26, 2021 9:46PM
Did you notice the 1 cat on cat island, Japan, that had a collar on it? I thought they were wild and not owned?
Apr 2, 2021 8:33PM
Julie Domaille
Imagine if fox Island had a ferry to rabbit island? My guess is rabbit breeding would still not be enough
Apr 2, 2021 3:48PM
L Lh Adams
Brownsville,Tx has a large population of wild Parrots,both Redheads and Yellowheads. We had Chinaberry trees,and the Parrots would make so much noise that a conversation was impossible.
Apr 2, 2021 1:49PM
Steve Tingle
What about London, England? There are parts there where parakeets are seen in large flocks, not sure they'll replace the pigeons!
Apr 2, 2021 10:38AM
Julie Allen
Monk parrots are native to South America so if they are in large numbers in Spain would mean they are displacing native birds. As for Rabbit Island visitors feeding the feral bunnies has led to an unsustainable population boom that has destroyed the island’s ecosystem. Similarly, what and when the rabbits are fed is wreaking havoc on their health resulting in only a two-year life span. Cat Island Most of the cats have now been speyed so that will cause a large decrease. Monkeys are being desexed to try and keep numbers in check.
Apr 1, 2021 7:23PM
Brent Fernstrom
Where are the exotic animals?
Apr 1, 2021 7:11PM
Cats, cats, cats, them all...looks like a lot of ginger ones, lol
Apr 1, 2021 6:51PM
Linda Spreng
I gotta go with cat island! It would be heaven to this old crazy cat lady.
Apr 1, 2021 6:07PM
bina sarmah
Cow, dog and monkey world : India
Apr 1, 2021 5:24PM
Satish Chandran
Chicken's island,good to know them protected.
Apr 1, 2021 5:06PM
Paula Salem
I want to live on Cat Island. 😻
Apr 1, 2021 4:57PM

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