7 kind stories from all over the world that will make your day brighter

Kindness is magic, and magic is just around the corner sometimes. These 7 touching stories will definitely make you smile.

Which story did you like the most? Do you have any kind stories to share with us? Do you believe that the power of kindness impacts our lives?

We are waiting for your comments!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
So touching to see the loving side of humans. We need more of these. Thank you Quiz Folks. I cried at the wedding and the sitter who gave her liver to the toddler. I always have hope and faith that truly loving humans exist. I am one.
Feb 26, 2019 10:11PM
Donna Carder-Kummer
All the stories are beyond awesome, I can’t just pick one, loved them all!
Nov 5, 2019 9:02PM
Sue Ebisuzaki
They were all filled with kindness, but Shirley’s happy life ending made me the happiest.!
Aug 23, 2019 8:47AM
David Reggi
The nobility of those in need, those who remember what it was to be in need, and those who care enough to do something about it. We ARE our brother's keeper.
Jan 23, 2019 3:24PM
Mara Sprogis
We need more people like these. All the stories were amazing - loved them all.
Aug 18, 2019 10:41PM
Cindy Roberts
Chinese man did right by his people.
Jan 20, 2019 4:41PM
Diane Shewbridge Simmonds
Wonderful 💖💖💖💖
Nov 28, 2022 2:57PM
Heartwarming...thank you for starting my day with these wonderful stories of humanity.
Sep 5, 2021 10:50AM
Luis Perez
Very positive examples of human kindness!!!
Jan 15, 2020 5:48PM
Terrie Goddard
#7 The millionaire was really cool, and so was Shirley 🌝
Nov 23, 2019 6:56PM
Humberto Carrasco
Jan 23, 2019 11:52AM
I have 2 favorites the man and children dress & The millionaire who built and gave away those homes
Jan 22, 2019 6:19AM
Noami Ippolito
They were all beautiful stories, but the baby sitter that gave part of her liver was an angel and the man that built apts for every one in the village and gives the elderly 3meals a day was an angel . They were all wonderful though.
Jan 22, 2019 12:18AM
Gloria Wright
Amazing stories. We should have more of this on social media.
Jan 21, 2019 3:18PM
Eileen Dunn
All the stories made me smile and warmed my heart.
Jan 21, 2019 12:52PM
Diane Thompson
Love all the stories. I particularly love Shirley the elephant. How beautiful she is!
Jan 21, 2019 10:13AM

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