8 flowers which make the air in your house clean

Indoor air pollution is a real problem of our life. Everyday a lot of toxins come through the windows and doors. However, this problem can be partly solved by house plants. Let's check what plants can absorb toxins and ensure a a good night's sleep.

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Jill Weldon
The snake plant is known as"Mother in laws tongue" in the UK
Feb 3, 2020 2:23PM
Richard Perkins
An ant can't move a rubber tree plant, but he's got high hope.
Feb 3, 2020 9:25AM
Kathy Hirt DeWildt
I kill air plants!Linda Spreng,
Feb 8, 2020 8:12PM
Jackie Lynn
mmariano, get yourself some snipping off a friend's ivy plant. Put them in a glass of water next to a window, and watch them grow roots!!
Feb 8, 2020 1:40AM
Jackie Lynn
Plants just make a home FEEL fresher.
Feb 8, 2020 1:37AM
James Hampton
Om Bhardwaj, haha. I can say formaldehyde is everywhere in building materials but I too, am wondering why there is the others. I don’t know 🤷‍♀️
Feb 7, 2020 9:49AM
James Hampton
Richard Perkins - I was thinking the same thing. I wonder if this even true about these plants and just who is writing these articles???
Feb 7, 2020 9:47AM
Heather Holman
My mother in law had many plants.
Feb 6, 2020 12:54AM
Jim Blanton
My Mom called them “Mother-in-law” plants also!
Feb 3, 2020 9:28PM
Karen Kellerman
Jill Weldon, that’s what I was told it was also.
Feb 3, 2020 4:57PM
Jill Weldon, I admit it I laughed.🤣
Feb 3, 2020 3:45PM
Gautam Shiv Vir
Very interesting Thanks
Feb 3, 2020 1:42PM
Maqsood Baluch
Feb 3, 2020 12:33PM
Linda Spreng
I had a spider plant for a long time. Should get another. Problem is I've got a black thumb.
Feb 3, 2020 11:57AM
I am sorry to say I do not know anything about plants. Now I know only too well their importance. Thanks to the article.
Feb 3, 2020 10:47AM
Richard Perkins
"8 flowers which make the air in your house clean" Only 3 out of the 8 are flowers.
Feb 3, 2020 10:00AM

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