Absolutely touching – 11 stories about random acts of kindness by complete strangers

Even a complete stranger can brighten up one's day – and these people's stories will prove it. Read on to get inspired!

We all have beautiful and inspiring stories to tell, and it's marvelous if there is somebody to listen to them. Thanks to the internet, anyone can be heard today. When a reddit user naturalenergybyproxy asked: "What is the nicest thing a stranger has done for you?", the answers came quickly. Most of them turned out to be completely unexpected and jaw-dropping. Some of these stories are funny, while others are about saving one's life...

Here are the best stories:

  • "Was out clubbing and dropped my house keys. Next day, get a letter in my mailbox with a guys phone number. I text him, turns out he found my keys in the club, recognized the building they belong to (student housing), came to the building and tried the keys on every single mailbox until he found the right one. Then gave them back to me. Nicest guy ever, glad he didn't rob me instead. Edit: Everyone's wondering how I opened the mail box without the key. I had roommates and they saved me countless times." - the_nils
  • "My son was probably 2 or 3 and we went to the mall for some reason. My son liked looking at displays and stuff. Well there was a model train set in a case that you could put a $1 in and watch them go around for a while. I was pretty broke If I recall and never had cash on me regardless. He was content just looking at the display. A group of loud mall teens come through and go past. One of them comes back and puts a dollar in the machine and says "I always liked watching trains too" then hurries off back to his friends. My son lit up. I never would have expected that action from a stranger, let alone a teen with his friends in a mall." - ess0ess

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  • "I was once feeling really down cause of school and just life in general. I stopped at a convenience store on the way home to pick up a bit of chocolate to make myself feel better. The guy at the register must have noticed how miserable I was looking, because he let me have the chocolate bar for free. It was a really simple act of kindness, but it almost made me tear up in that convenience store and instantly improved a shitty day." - angry__donkeys
  • "Here in upstate NY we just got a foot of snow Saturday. Came out to snowblow my driveway to my driveway already having been plowed. It's a very long driveway. Anyways whoever did it didn't leave a note or anything, no idea who did it. Thanks stranger." - cactusbanger

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  • "I was struggling to carry all my books after I got off the bus and they didn't fit in my bag since I already had four other textbooks in my bag and I couldn't get on my bike so a lady ran out of her house and gave me a bag and I almost cried because that was the nicest thing a stranger has done for me." - deleted user
  • "In Paris, the Metro is not wheelchair-friendly. We got stuck once because the accessible station was closed and we were diverted elsewhere. Two guys walked up, picked up my MIL in her chair, carried her up a flight, through the turnstile, and down a flight to the platform. Quick as you please, and they wanted nothing more than thanks. I don’t think they even knew each other." - LowerSeaworthiness
  • "When I was around 8, I was crossing a street without much looking. As soon as I started crossing, a stranger pulled me back by my shirt. Of course, a car flew by the same moment. Thank you, stranger." - jkovvv

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  • "I spent some time helping a customer that my co-workers seemed annoyed with/couldn't be bothered with because she had so many questions. The lady left and about 30 minutes later she flagged me down in the parking lot as I was going out to break. I went to her car and she thanked me and handed me a bouquet of flowers she'd just gone and bought for me. Very sweet and very unexpected." - dasistverboten
  • "I bought my condo at 27 from a guy I’ve never met. There were a lot of offers way over asking price in a competitive market, but I offered what I could. I had lost out on many places before over months of searching, being outbid by ridiculous cash offers I had no chance of beating. I fell in love with this neighborhood and made two other failed offers here earlier, so I wrote him a letter just telling my story, how hard I’d tried to save everything I could to buy my first place and make a home and start really establishing myself. He ended up taking my offer over much higher bids because he bought this place decades ago when he was a struggling 27 year old trying to establish himself and my letter resonated with him. He probably could have made another $40k, but he wanted to give me the opportunity he had. I’m forever grateful." - HorseMeatSandwich

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  • "My keys dropped out of my pocket on a bus stop and realized only 10-15mins after I boarded the bus. Alighted and took a bus back and found it covertly placed on a ledge right next to where I seated." - JPJP_
  • "Thanksgiving day, 2003. I was driving down to my parents on Long Island from Buffalo, a 7-8 hour drive. As I'm about halfway, I get a blowout. The tire is just shredded. I managed to get the donut on and slowly got into the next town. (Most of New York state is just... farms and nothing.) I stopped at every store that would conceivably have a tire, but nothing was open. I stopped at a police station, they told me to get a hotel until tomorrow. So I hop back into my car and try to make it to the next town, try there. That's when my donut went flat. So I get out and start walking. It is 2003, I don't have a cell phone, so I knock on the first house I can find, hoping they'd let me use their phone so I can call my parents. The lady who answered the door invited me in, let me use her phone, offered me food and then, to my complete shock, called her friend who owned a used car dealership, had them tow my car to the dealership and put on a new tire, free of charge. I went from completely missing Thanksgiving and having to spend the night in some shitty hotel outside Binghamton to being back on my way within 2 hours. I'll never forget that lady." - Words-Words-Words

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Richard Hoff
These stories happen all the time. If the media would focus more on the good nature of people than the bad I think we would feel much better about ourselves. We can all help ourselves by turning off Fox and CNN and instead watching more local news,it is usually more upbeat and enjoyable to watch. PS, how many remember the news and stories of Paul Harvey, they made us feel better about our selves and the world .(Good Day)
Oct 9, 2019 7:49PM
Veronics Moss
I loved those kindness, there's quite a lot of kindness in the UK that's why I think people are still grateful. 😍 🇬🇧
Jan 4, 2020 4:41PM
Ian Swindale
Wonderful stories. I have 2 memories - the first a German friend of mine who lived in Nairobi. She always came to Kenya loaded up to the proverbial ceiling and she had believe it or not 150 kgs of luggage!! She'd deliberately gone to the airport early because of this and Lufthansa allowed this enormous volume without any charge. Friedel then went to a stall and bought a large bouquet of flowers for the check-in lady who was gobsmacked. It doesn't end there as a few minutes Lufthansa announced "could Friedel Savage please report to a Lufthansa enquiries desk". She went full of foreboding to be told her luggage couldn't be taken - instead they upgraded her to First Class (from Economy) for her giving the bouquet to the check-in lady. The second story concerns me. My partner and I went to a shop on the concourse at Iguacu Airport in Argentina to see what we could buy. I took my wallet out of my inside pocket didn't see anything I wanted and put my wallet back in my inside pocket. We went through security and had started to board our plane when a security guard came up and asked me if I'd lost my wallet. I couldn't find my wallet in my inside pocket and naturally assumed it was lost. I was gobsmacked when they said it had been handed in and if I would go with the security guard they would let me have the wallet back. Nothing had been taken from it and the person who found it and handed it in was on our flight and I couldn't thank him enough for his thoughtfulness. Yes there are some people who do these sort of things without any thought - we should praise them as it shows there is good in humanity.
Jan 3, 2020 6:36AM
Mattie York-McAlister
when my three small sons, 1,2 and 4 and I were going home one day we had a flat tire. The spare did not have air and nowhere near to get help. On a connector railroad track next to the road an engine passed, stopped backed up and 2 men came over and ask if I needed help. I explained my situation and they took the tire, backed the engine up about a mile to a gas station, had the tire fixed and brought it back and put it on for me. They wanted nothing in return. I will never forget these kind men.
Oct 17, 2019 9:41AM
Donna Cyr
All of them. Not a soul in these stories had to help, but they did. Glad to hear kindness is still alive❤
Oct 17, 2019 3:12AM
Dipti Sinha
Honesty and good people will always dwell on this earth I have had good deeds done for me at one request from total strangers they were one time meet people but they will always live in my heart
Oct 14, 2019 6:06AM
Once I was with my grandson in a shopping mall. We stopped and I was getting my phone and placed my wallet next to me on the bench. Suddenly my grandson darted away and I ran after him.. It took minutes to catch him and then I panicked remembering I had forgotten my wallet! Returned immediately to the bench but my wallet was gone..I was devastated. But I thought I should try the stores and amazingly first one it was there!! A wonderfully honest stranger had left it with them!!!
Oct 13, 2019 2:51PM
Don Racette
Susan Madanat You for sure are beautiful!
Oct 12, 2019 9:40PM
Juan Francisco Diaz Perez
When I was 13 yo, went to a beach in the northern part of Perú, went swimming very happy, but when wanted to get out the tide and waves didnt let me advance, cried for help and a group of strangers with a tire pulled out, really all my life went in my mind that thought it was all over and were close to death, thanks to those strangers I am alive
Oct 11, 2019 8:27PM
I have met many strangers in my life in New York who helped me in different situations. And i always help people if i see they need it.
Oct 11, 2019 7:46PM
Marcus cutie
The story of the young man driving to his parents home for Thanksgiving is the one that touched me more. Thanks GOD there is still good people amongst us!
Oct 11, 2019 10:47AM
Susan Madanat
I was feeling a bit down and trying to get the shopping done in a supermarket when a young girl stopped and told me I looked really beautiful. That lifted my spirits that day - still surprises me and makes me feel more hopeful of the future generation.
Oct 10, 2019 8:14PM
Lilian Ling
There is no best story, all of them are #1. Given the chance, most people are kind-hearted.
Oct 10, 2019 12:13PM
All of them tugged at my ❤️! Too bad there aren't more of these wonderful people out there ☹️A little kindness goes LONG WAY!💐
Oct 10, 2019 10:42AM
Yvette Mcleod
They are all great stories of kindness but the Thanksgiving day one was the best.
Oct 10, 2019 8:51AM
Susan Golebiewski
Very uplifting & gives me Hope for a better world. There are many good people in the world we never hear about. This was wonderful to read.❤
Oct 9, 2019 11:08PM

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