Can you guess who said these wise quotes?

Some celebrities are really wise people, or at least some of their quotes sound wisely. We collected the most famous quotes from famous people. Can you guess their authors? Let’s find out!

How many quotes did you get right? What’s your favorite quote? Share your comments below.

And what do you think about that? Do you have any interesting facts to share? If so, tell us in the comments below, please!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Bob Miller
Several of these are iconic in our society now--in a good way.
Oct 22, 2021 12:22PM
Mike Hibner
Comeon, brianknows, at least three of the quote writers were not born in America...
Oct 6, 2021 5:07PM
Mike Hibner
Someone told me "Cheer up! It could be worse!", and sure enough, it got worse!
Oct 6, 2021 5:02PM
Alexis A. Illarramendi G.
It is never so bad, that it can't be worse
Sep 5, 2021 4:57PM
Allison Aspden
Great quotes!
Aug 29, 2021 8:03PM
Leticia Olsen
🤷🏻‍♀️#6 The quote means follow your own quote and not to follow the others!! Stick to your own quote!👍🏼
Jun 15, 2021 7:47PM
meredith weston
A few of those people listed are Satanists...
May 30, 2021 7:52PM
bina sarmah
I like Steve Jobs quote, knowing or unknowingly we have a habit of following other ppl way, instead of going in out own way.
Apr 21, 2021 5:04PM
Other people have been known to make wise quotes, not only Americans
Apr 5, 2021 8:22PM
Jennifer Dyster
Very American mostly. Nice to see one french woman in the lineup.
Apr 5, 2021 6:27PM
Helen LoBosco
Yes, I just might save these.
Feb 13, 2021 1:26AM
Some of these quotes were actually very wise. Quotes can inspire people to be the best they can be & live their best lives.
Jan 6, 2021 7:45PM
I created the greatest quote of all time when I stubbed my toe. I said ouch. Now I have been requoted a zillion times.
Nov 28, 2020 4:57AM
knew most of them but couldn't think of the correct people.
Nov 1, 2020 1:24PM
Carole Franks Nicolls
Really enjoyed these quotes 👍👍
Jun 11, 2020 1:41AM

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