Find out about unexpected outcomes of social experiments

Read about some bold social experiments which finished unexpectedly, pushing us to interesting considerations and, probably, made this world a better one.

Scientists and big brands are fond of running social experiments to subject people to the glare of truth. It happens, participants act beyond the rules, their actions are illogical which makes even best psychologists wonder.

8. What can unite people of different minds?

Plan: 3 pairs of strangers are going to a warehouse. They interact, following the instructions of building some construction and asking each other questions, invented by the organizers. At the end of the experiment each participant learns that his work-fellow is his ideological opponent. Each of them decides whether they are ready to get to know more about the partner while further conversation or over a bottle of beer. This experiment was a part of Heineken advertising company.

Result: 3 pairs participated in the experiment - supporter and antagonist of global warming idea. A feminist woman and a man of conservative mind, transgender and a man, speaking against gender reassignment. Despite drastically opposite opinions and uncomplying attitude to people with different opinion, in the end, all participants remained to get to know better their partner and learn more about another point of view.

What do you think about these experiments? Do they make our world a better place? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Jo-Carol Ropp
When forced to cooperate, even peeps with very different views can communicate. Much harder when anonymous, as reflected in online social media communications.
Jan 12, 2018 5:14PM
Richard Perkins
#6 is not working in the U.S. It has caused a labor shortage.
Sep 29, 2021 9:36AM
Michael Johnston talk then have a beer then talk some more' then talk about more beer.
Nov 20, 2019 3:23AM
Ilias Tsiabardas
Those things they have to be teached at the earlier time at the kindergartens in Order to Create the Write mentality in the Early stages of they're lives, in Order to Create a better world
Aug 5, 2019 9:37PM
Raymond Villamor
Know other points of view.
Feb 19, 2018 7:17PM
Jacqueline Tattam
The blue eyed/brown eyed experiment was done to reveal the insidious effects of inequality based on discrimination and prejudice.
Feb 3, 2018 10:36AM
Patty Ludwig
Very interesting
Jan 13, 2018 6:45PM
David Roy
Love it
Jan 13, 2018 6:40PM
Janice Bishop-Magoon
Interesting. However I am surprised to know that an experiment had to be done to prove #7.
Jan 13, 2018 9:44AM
Ashok Dulloo
Very interesting
Jan 13, 2018 9:20AM
Norma Solivan
Great enjoy
Jan 13, 2018 12:06AM
Now if only this information could be shared with Treatment Centers. They would have a much greater success rate. People struggling with addiction want to be treated with respect not treated like sh**. And then they wonder why so manny of them leave and don't return.
Jan 12, 2018 6:46PM
hector tubens
Interesting topics
Jan 12, 2018 4:57PM

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