The first object you see in this picture will tell a lot about your personality

Society Story: The first object you see in this picture will tell a lot about your personality

The way we see things has a lot to do with our psychology. Take this fun test to find out what the first object you see in the picture can say about you. Remember: don't take it too seriously!

Which object did you see first? Was the test right? Or how was it wrong? Do you think such tests are funny, or do you take it seriously?

We are waiting for your comments!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
None of the above. I saw a leaf. So what does that mean?
Apr 9, 2021 7:41AM
I saw leaves m. I didn't see any of the choices. What does that say about my personality?
Oct 29, 2020 4:46PM
I saw leaves
Oct 19, 2021 8:59AM
Kornell Kor
Same here margomcbeth,
Oct 2, 2021 7:15PM
I saw a leaf. If there are so many of us why isn't that listed as one of the items?
Sep 16, 2021 5:25PM
Jean Franklin
No 1 flower spot on - thanks
Aug 27, 2021 11:03AM
Sheldon Burnston
I saw a white arrow pointing to the right.....
Aug 19, 2021 11:16PM
Maura Ryan
I saw a frogPamela Hoffmann,
Aug 18, 2021 4:19PM
Karen Larke, me too.
Feb 5, 2021 8:54PM
Would you believe it but I saw lemons!fruit so what does that say about me!
Jan 17, 2021 9:27PM
I saw the Bird first 😚
Jan 7, 2021 10:40AM
organizedgrime, James McElhone
I am a lone sun flower with the urge to fly!
Jan 5, 2021 9:04AM
Deb Hatch
Rebecca Woods, me too, that's all I saw, the lef
Dec 28, 2020 3:43PM
Rebecca Woods
It looked like a leaf to me.
Dec 23, 2020 3:32AM
Ajay Sanghrajka
I don't think it's wrong or funny. It's a serious science not explored properly or presented in right perspective.
Dec 15, 2020 10:16AM

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