These pictures of margays will melt your heart

These small wild cats look absolutely adorable. However, don't underestimate this nocturnal hunter.

Wild cats fascinate us with their grace and artfulness. Big eyes, whiskers, flexible body, as well as super-sensitive hearing, help margays to catch their prey in seconds. Let's admire some pictures of this perfect acrobatic hunter.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Leticia Olsen
😽Love all the pictures! Cats eyes!!😍
Jul 15, 2021 2:27PM
Doris Dallaire
Love all cats!
Mar 11, 2021 4:28PM
Susan Golebiewski
Love these Beautiful Cats❤
Jun 10, 2020 9:20PM
Robert Morse
Yes i loved it mostly because i love cats.
May 13, 2020 11:14AM
Diane K Sohn
Loved this post!
May 4, 2020 2:47PM
Eric Morfitt
What a beautiful animal
May 4, 2020 3:50AM
Carol Butler
Their kind of beauty must be very tempting to those who are naive about taming wild animals.
May 4, 2020 2:39AM
God created gorgeous Mother Nature
May 3, 2020 10:13PM
Roberta Lear
Beautiful and small but fierce!
May 3, 2020 4:28PM
Carolyn Frederick
Margay is A beautiful cat. But I Could just picture him tearing me to pieces.
May 3, 2020 2:57PM
Shae Deschenes
Beautiful cats. Have heard of them but have only seen a few pictures but those did not give any info about them. Thanks for sharing.
May 2, 2020 11:35PM
Linalinda Eichin
Fascinating huge cat thanks for sharing 🍒🇦🇺
May 2, 2020 8:37PM
j v bik
I had never heard of these cats before. Beautiful looking animal. Enjoyed learning about them.
May 2, 2020 7:46PM
May 2, 2020 6:35PM
Elsy O. Stromberg
Had not heard about this cat. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.
May 2, 2020 2:07PM

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