10 facts you didn’t know about fascinating Marlon Brando

The whole life of Marlon Brando was rather mind-blowing. He was a rebel since birth. Marlon Brando is a well-known American actor, film director, and political activist. He changed the art of filming itself. However, as a child, he grappled with a troubled upbringing and tumultuous relationship throughout his lifetime. Keep on reading to learn little-known facts from the iconic actor’s past.

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Which fact about Marlon Brando do you like most? Do you like any films with this actor? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
A pleasant film in his later years was "Don Juan DeMarco" with Faye Dunaway and Johnny Depp. "The Freshman" was fun as well.
Jun 28, 2020 11:42PM
Pierre Poirier
He was a charismatic actor. When he was on screen, you could not take your eyes of him.
Jun 17, 2020 8:52PM
Denva Stevens
He was simply beautiful in Sayonara.
Jun 16, 2020 11:28PM
Loved Mutiny On The Bounty
Jun 10, 2020 5:13AM
Darlene Davidson
When he lived in a small apartment in New York, he had a pet racoon. He stole the clapper from the school bell because it rang every hour and the sound of it tolling all day and all night disturbed him. He was sensitive to sounds and regimentation was a kind of torture for him. He said that it was a good thing that he became an actor because otherwise he would have been a criminal and probably in jail.
Jun 9, 2020 5:48PM
Don Markusic
Marlon Brando one of my favorite actor of all time The movie On the waterfront I thought he definitely deserved The Academy Award . I always wished he made more movies
Jun 9, 2020 4:35PM
Doris Dallaire
I like them all. He sounds like someone I'd really get along with.
Jun 9, 2020 4:24PM

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