6 extraordinary facts about the Incas

Culture Story: 6 extraordinary facts about the Incas

This huge and powerful empire flourished in South America over the course of three centuries. While the most famous site associated with the Incas is Machu Picchu, there are many little-known facts about these incredible civilization you need to know.

Where were the Incas located?

Basic facts about the Incas:

  • in the 1200s, they started as a small tribe;
  • during the 15th century, they built a large empire with well-running social order;
  • the Incas were talented engineers whose inventions were ahead of time;
  • Machu Picchu was a citadel built for one of the Inca emperors;
  • in the 1530s, the empire started to fall apart because of the Spanish conquest.

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Hey Jaminator - the Incas conquered their neighbors, suffered a civil war, and practiced human sacrifice. They wd have laughed at your one world notions. Trump wouldn't have trusted them & he wd have been right. Your ignorance is overwhelming!
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#2 and #6 The entire article was very interesting..
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Amazing natural knowledge of the Incas.
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