What were your impressions of visiting Russia?

Can you count all the lanes?

Bricks will do.

A river runs through it.

A utility pole and a plant.

A steeplechase

Trains have been canceled. Permanently.

This road is for tanks only.

A wooden floor solution to a pothole.

An old tire can fix a pothole, too.

After the rain, this street turns into a canal.

A roadpool.

Triple line means you can’t fly a plane over it.

A tree grows in Kostroma.

I know what you’re thinking: photoshop. In Russia we don’t need any - reality is being retouched in real time.

Right, I mean, left.

Fun in the mud.

A man in the sinkhole!

These photos are hilarious, aren't they? :) Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Linda Evers
I’ve been to St Petersburg and Sochi and didn’t see anything like that. Both places were beautiful and the people very friendly.
Oct 6, 2020 4:11PM
This is Russia maybe 70 years ago, somewhere in wilige. I know, i am from Russia. Why you want to show bad side of Russia.? Not funny, not honest
Oct 7, 2020 2:59AM
There for the grace of God go America soon. I still want to visit their churches.
Oct 6, 2020 1:22AM
Ishwar Chandra Sinha
I opened this test with a view to get some pleasant and happy pictures of Russia to renew my memories of visiting USSR( Ukraine & Russia) in 1970 on one year training. Subsequent visits in next three decades these states after restructuring highlighted the radical changes across the new states, and displayed the desire to erase the past short comings and present a competitive status of development .It was quite impressive. Unfortunately the pictures displayed here( supposed to make us cry with laughter!) are an exercise carried out in bad taste ! The purpose of such entries being putup by the esteemed "Quizzclub" is not understood !
Sep 10, 2021 12:12PM
Vimala Padmaraj
May 7, 2021 1:59AM
Pat Regan
It’s when you leave the cities and go in the small towns , , Petersburg you are right is beautiful Linda Evers,
Jan 21, 2021 5:10PM
David Holmes
pfotias, I believe that you have good roads.
Oct 13, 2020 3:01AM
i laughed only at the first one
Oct 9, 2020 3:57PM
Nadin, There's a "good side" of Russia?
Oct 7, 2020 4:26PM
Rhona Swanepoel
I'm sure these pictures were taken in South Africa!!! Or maybe the Russian are teaching the ignorames in South Africa.
Oct 6, 2020 9:01AM
Chriss Crockford
And we thought our roads were bad.
Oct 6, 2020 8:33AM
We were there in 1987, but didn't see anything like that
Oct 6, 2020 4:31AM
Lynne Mills
ninakamwene, well said, 'there but for the grace of God goes America soon'. Love it. 😄
Oct 6, 2020 4:23AM
Darlene Davidson
Hilarious photos if you don't have to drive in Russia.
Oct 5, 2020 9:34PM
Marian Spitzig
Someone planted a tree finally, after complaining for more than a year about a real bad chuck hole in northeast Ohio. Within the week it was patched. The repair crew took the tree.
Oct 5, 2020 8:06PM

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