10 examples of perfection and charm: unique architecture of Qatar

Qatar is one of the wealthiest and safest countries in the world. It is a unique country in the Middle East with a rich history, diverse culture and stunning architecture. Let's discover its most interesting places everyone should see at least once.

And what do you think about that? Do you have any interesting facts to share? If so, tell us in the comments below, please!

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Lorna Desouza
I have been to Qatar and it is beautiful! Love this beautiful photography 👍🙏
Apr 19, 2020 6:40PM
Marian Spitzig
Architecture is beautiful. What about the inside of the buildings. Then, should we begin to discuss the treatment of women and children??
Apr 13, 2020 5:23PM
Richard Perkins
Amazing what oil money can do.
Jan 11, 2020 11:09AM
Susan Golebiewski
Wow!!! Looks amazing! So futuristic.
Dec 14, 2019 4:01PM
As the song goes, simply too marvelous for words. I would like someday - I don't know when - to be able to actually see these places.
Dec 13, 2019 7:03PM
Barbara Hall
The architecture is amazing, all bldg. are works of art. I would love to visit Qatar. Way ahead of other countries.
Dec 13, 2019 5:05PM
Lorraine Smallacombe
Well worth the visit it is definitely a must see .
Dec 13, 2019 2:53PM
Pauline Gayner
How safe is Qatar for westerners to visit? It looks stunning but I’m not sure about their culture!
Dec 13, 2019 4:39AM
The architecture truly is phenomenal and mesmerizing
Dec 13, 2019 1:42AM
Absolutely stunning. Would be wonderful to actually see in person.
Dec 12, 2019 7:47PM
Truly beautiful and unique. Thanks for sharing
Dec 12, 2019 7:02PM
Sean Philips
Stunningly beautiful. Thank you.
Dec 12, 2019 6:59PM

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