Another story of a true hero: a man who has planted a forest

Jadav Payeng became a well-known person not only in his home state of Assam, India, but also worldwide. A husband and father of three children, he is now often referred to as Forest Man.

The Mājuli island used to be the largest river island on the planet, but numerous natural disasters took toll on it. Terrible floods and earthquakes caused severe bank erosion, which can become the reason for the extinction of the island in future years. Fortunately, this land found its own super hero, who decided to help his home island by his own forces.


Jadav "Molai" Payeng started planting trees at the age of 16. To date he, now aged 53, has planted a huge forest, which is bigger than NYC's Central Park. Transforming a vast wasteland into a beautiful oasis, he gave home to numerous animal species, such as Bengal tigers, Indian rhinoceros, deer, birds, and rabbits. Elephants also visit this wonderful forest reserve annually.

Watch this powerful video to find out more about Molai and his amazing career:

This story is very inspiring, isn't it? Have you ever heard about Molai before? What do you think of his life-work? Share your opinion with us in the comments below!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
bina sarmah
Mr. Payeng is from my home state of Assam. I am proud of him and his work.
Apr 3, 2024 10:48AM
DrBella M Villanueva
Very commendable. There is still hope for our world.
Mar 13, 2023 11:23PM
Tom O'Keeffe
An ordinary man with an extraordinary view of the world and the future of this beautiful world 🌎
Jan 11, 2023 6:28PM
This should most certainly be more widely known.
Sep 30, 2020 2:57AM
Pervin Kapoor
Amazing work
Nov 7, 2019 6:24AM
Eileen Dunn
Great story,Amazing,
Apr 28, 2019 1:13PM
Vicki Boicelli
A forest is life and as this man did we should cherish the forest.
Apr 28, 2019 2:29AM
Ian Swindale
There is an TV advert here in South Africa for some financial institution which features this remarkable man
Apr 27, 2019 5:31AM
Deena Grady
Very savvy. Too bad there are not more who see and understand what bad thing destruction of forests is. Replanting and conservation will ensure survival of the earth our home.
Apr 27, 2019 12:40AM
Donna Carder-Kummer
Kudos, we need more like him!
Apr 26, 2019 11:28PM
Lynda Daley
Fabulous to learn about this wonderful man.
Apr 26, 2019 8:39PM
Kunal Bhattacharya
can you circulate his story through media and TV shows?
Apr 26, 2019 7:50PM
linda hill - the purple one!💜
It's inspiring what one man can do...not just for himself but for other living beings.
Apr 26, 2019 7:15PM
robert karel
God made the whole world by Himself!
Apr 26, 2019 7:02PM
Heather Cameron
What a truly wonderful man with a good heart. We all should learn from him.
Apr 26, 2019 5:55PM


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