Hypnotizing beauty of black sand beaches

Are you dreaming about an unforgettable sea holiday experience? Take a look at these breathtaking pictures of the beaches with black sand and plan your next trip!

Spending time at the seaside is the best way to relax and recharge your energy. Black sand has specific beauty and all the beaches you'll see below have a unique atmosphere and worth visiting.

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Have you ever seen these beaches? What is your best travel experience? Tell us in comments!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Sonia Ackhurst
Would love to see black sandy beach
Jul 23, 2020 9:27AM
My husband and I visited a black sand beach in Italy, it was beautiful!
Jul 5, 2020 4:10PM
Gina Wells
Yes saw them in New Zealand
Jun 23, 2020 11:09PM
I had a time share in Kauai and loved their beaches, and saw whales and babies there too. I live in California and have not visited Shelter cove yet. Black is beautiful. Thank you for sharing and be safe and well. Blessings.
May 6, 2020 12:58AM
I also walked in black sand in Kauai Hawaii 40 years ago!!!
May 5, 2020 10:49PM
Darla Deats
Been to Punalu'u, fabulous. And to Shelter Cove, AWESOME!!
May 5, 2020 4:37PM
Ron Jackson
We have black sand beaches near Manzanillo. They look great but you cannot walk barefoot on them during most of the day. They will burn your feet!
May 4, 2020 5:10PM
James Sproston
The black beaches in tenerife are amazing
May 4, 2020 5:56AM
Lynne Cage
Have been to a black beach in Bali
May 4, 2020 3:45AM
Coralia De Bouscayrol
In Guatemala all the Pacífic beaches are black sand because we have a lot of volcanos wo make eruptions
May 3, 2020 8:17PM
Beautiful they are!!!🤗🤗🤗
May 3, 2020 6:21PM

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