So many homes around the world — types of houses

As a tourist, I’ve seen a lot of different types of houses in different countries, and even lived in some of them for a while. I think that traditional buildings are keys to understanding customs and views of the world in any country. If you agree, keep on reading!

Every country has some uniqueness in the houses built there. Let’s have a look at different kinds of houses in different countries.

Have you ever heard of these types of houses? Would you spend a night in some of them? Which houses would you add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Conrado De Leon
I was amazed by the houses built with reeds. Amazing!
Oct 15, 2021 12:26PM
 Margaret White
In Sarawak, Borneo, the people live in long houses. Families live in their own adjoining "units" while a communal verandah runs along the front of them all. When a couple marries, a new unit is built onto the end of the longhouse.very simple and effective.
Aug 19, 2021 6:42AM
Janet Dawn Baker
We’ve driven across the Transkei in South Africa where the hillsides are dotted with rondavels, which are smallish dwellings built from straw, mud and manure and (for some unknown reason) painted bright turquoise blue.
May 16, 2021 2:43AM
Judi Hanan
Very cool homes. Interesting....
Oct 23, 2020 1:29AM
Marguerite LaHaye
Loved the tree houses. Reminded me if Rivendell.
Oct 4, 2020 8:14PM
Loved this!!
Oct 4, 2020 9:58AM
Richard Perkins
I live in a ranch style house.
Oct 3, 2020 10:28AM
Allison Aspden
Great explanation of other regions and cultures housing types.
Oct 2, 2020 11:37PM
In Australia we have a building style called Queenslander. It was invented in the 1900s and involves raising the house off the ground.
Oct 2, 2020 8:11PM

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