What are the major differences between Chinese and Western cultures?

Here are 8 illustrations which juxtaposes the cultures of the West (blue) and East (red). These are generalizations, of course, so these illustrations aren’t true of all Chinese people or Westerners.

1) Dealing with problems.

2) The individual.

3) Transportation.

4) Expressing an opinion.

5) Sunshine.

6) Society and senior citizens.

7) Networking.

8) Streets on Sundays.

Source: The cultural differences between East and West, according to one artist. All images are from a book by Yang Liu, a designer who moved from Beijing to Berlin at the age of 13. Her book was published in 2007.

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Do you agree with the differences shown in the pictures?

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Cheryl McMeekin
Very interesting
Apr 1, 2020 10:51AM
Veronics Moss
Very interesting to know, useful information.
Nov 4, 2019 4:15PM
Linda K Fowler
At a first glance I see westerners seem to think mostly of their owner importance. While the east is more cognicent of others opinions
Oct 8, 2019 4:36PM
Interesting indeed.
Oct 1, 2019 1:50AM
Steve Henshall
Yes liked it found it fascinating !
Aug 28, 2019 4:45PM
Madhuri Agarwal
One of the best and most brilliant illustrated articles!
Aug 10, 2019 10:03PM
Alexander Sickert
Check other sources for a much different interpretation.
May 8, 2019 10:49PM
Jim Hughie
I’ve been to China stayed one month All of this is true Sad to me about our elders but very true comparison
Apr 22, 2019 7:35AM
Brian Howe
ninakamwene, We are NOT headed to a "global culture".
Apr 18, 2019 12:05AM
Darlene Davidson
Graphic examples. Interesting.
Mar 26, 2019 5:47PM
hector tubens
Great info
Mar 21, 2019 5:15PM
I have been to China, live in America, and I am a Kenyan native, as such; I appreciate different cultures. We stand to learn from each other if we are smart, since we are moving towards a global culture. I love to travel the world.
Mar 8, 2019 11:31PM
I like it. I'm a westerner; we could stand to adopt some of the eastern principals.
Mar 7, 2019 5:31PM
Ursula Schneider
this is very interesting
Mar 4, 2019 4:16PM
Terry Lee Hammel
So interesting.
Feb 23, 2019 5:12PM

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