9 crazy things ancient Egyptians used to do

It seems that ancient people should definitely be very different from us. Weird practices, strange language and so on. But it is not right. As shown by archeology, we are not as different as it seems.

These several interesting findings from the life of ancient Egyptians are more than convincing.

Do you like ancient history? Was this information new for you? Do you have any other interesting facts about the ancient world to share with us?

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Diane Thompson
Wow! That's very interesting! Thanks for the info.
Jan 2, 2018 4:16PM
Lynne Filyaw
They also knew honey was anti-bacterial & used it on wounds. Recipes for contraceptives have been found- one cites crocodile dung as an ingredient.
Jan 2, 2018 4:33PM
Mark Francisco
And all this was lost and regained over thousands of years. Incredible
Jan 2, 2018 4:39PM
K Baikuntha Rao Patnaik
Jan 2, 2018 4:56PM
Interesting stuff
Jan 2, 2018 5:09PM
Terence Moore
Interesting to a Dislexsick like the info
Jan 2, 2018 5:24PM
Ian Robert Sked
You certainly learn things
Jan 2, 2018 5:25PM
David Heinz
I am pretty sure that the Egyptians knew much much more than we will ever know that they knew. Lost because of wars with other people. Who knows.
Jan 2, 2018 5:33PM
Erin Eldridge
Fascinating stuff!
Jan 2, 2018 5:38PM
Mark Ann Dubaz
Very interesting.
Jan 2, 2018 5:44PM
Susan Bonham
Very good
Jan 2, 2018 5:48PM
Geoff Garner
Very interesting facts
Jan 2, 2018 5:50PM
Linda Spreng
Interesting. So they weren't just wandering around spouting Shakespeare! :-}
Jan 2, 2018 6:06PM
Charlene Anderson
Very interesting !
Jan 2, 2018 6:08PM
Joyce Lenzo
Jan 2, 2018 6:10PM

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