Bizarre historical facts – can you guess which of them are true?

We all know that history is full of unbelievable and strange moments, so even some made-up stories may sound close to the truth. Let's try to guess which of these weird historical facts are real and debunk some myths.

Click on the pictures to flip them and reveal the truth.

How many of these did you get right? Which of these cool historical facts surprised you the most?

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Gary McLean
right like tennis player Kevin Curran has been playing tennis in the US for 20 years but was born in South Africa and plays for South Africa in the no! Cleopatra was Greek
Sep 11, 2020 1:16PM
Olive Wiegand Putfark
Cleopatra was an egytian...regardless of her lineage, she was an Egyptian !
Sep 9, 2020 4:54PM
Had not heard of the Beer Flood. Did know about the Boston Molasses Flood of 1919.
Sep 9, 2020 2:21PM
Lorna Desouza
It was great 👍
Sep 7, 2020 3:36PM
Veronics Moss, they are still doing it. Just not telling people they do.
Sep 7, 2020 1:16PM
Linda Spreng
David Smith, ETHNICALLY, she was Greek.
Sep 7, 2020 12:49PM
Linda Spreng
Missed the Genghis Khan question. Didn't know that he was tolerant of ANYthing.
Sep 7, 2020 12:48PM
Richard Perkins
As Arte Johnson used to say, very interesting.
Sep 7, 2020 10:10AM
David Smith
Cleopatra was born in Egypt (Alexandria) therefore she was Egyptian from a Greek family. Also slavery existed long before the Americas were even thought of, not a very well thought out question either.
Sep 6, 2020 10:50PM
After the Revelutionary War the Northern States of the newly formed United State set out to abolished Slavery of any kind in 1789 by 1805 there were absolutely no slaves in the north. Including our nations capital. It was in fact only the Southern States that insisted on keeping their slaves. That lead to the Civil War and the final abolition of slavery in 1865.
Sep 6, 2020 4:43PM
Veronics Moss
Thank you for sharing very interesting #3 is scary using dead people teeth to use as dentures.
Sep 6, 2020 4:36PM
Helga U. Williams
To my surprise, I got them all right! 😊
Sep 6, 2020 12:10AM
garrett scott
Number two asks a question regarding the United States but then uses a statement about history before there was a United States to defend the answer. Strange.
Sep 5, 2020 7:28PM
Dario Gritti
The Beer Flood was a "trick question". It really happened and people died. The trick is the number of people who died.
Sep 5, 2020 7:12PM
All but the beer flood.
Sep 5, 2020 5:53PM

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