Shocking facts about famous people in history

Our history has witnessed a lot of great people. Their contribution to the development of humanity cannot be overestimated. We tend to idealize great minds however everyone has their own secrets.

When we hear about the greatest thinkers in history, we usually admire their accomplishments and forget that they were ordinary people with their own shortcomings and problems. There is a widespread misconception that such people have only positive traits and can cope with all the problems because they know a lot. Actually many of them suffered from loneliness, nervous breakdown or were too arrogant.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Will we tear down a statue today - of Aristotle, because 2350 years ago he was not for equal rights for women? I hope not.
Jul 2, 2020 10:13PM
Matthew McKechnie
Rather dubious'facts' .Marx was living in England as an exile, Mandela spent 27 years in jail,both of which would stop them staying close to their families
Jul 3, 2020 5:13PM
Peter Wolfik
And Mahatma Gandhi wasn’t very peaceful in his private life either
Jul 3, 2020 12:27AM
A great master teacher said: "Let he who has no sin throw the first stone".
Jul 24, 2020 6:47PM
Elsy O. Stromberg
Karl Marx lazy? Not likely. Also re. Aristotle- gender equality is a relatively recent concept. If he believed in equal rights to education, he was way ahead of his time.
May 12, 2021 12:58PM
Alana King
tdelisi, Indeed. Yet, belief that we had a right to education. Talk about a paradox that has been switched around through history.
Dec 5, 2020 9:30PM
Grant McIntosh
Simon Taylor, And a gimp mask.
Oct 9, 2020 5:42PM
Some of these seem a tad sweeping.
Sep 28, 2020 5:25AM
Didn’t know that about Aristotle!
Aug 27, 2020 1:45PM
Clarence Quismundo
So Walt Disney gained his wealth by stepping on the backs of poor workers.
Aug 25, 2020 1:25AM
Lynne Cage
Interesting 🧐 thnx
Jul 4, 2020 6:27AM
Adriana Zuliani
Quite interesting. Thank you.
Jul 4, 2020 12:42AM
Subir Kumar Pal
Good information. Thanks.
Jul 3, 2020 10:10PM
Julie Domaille
Matthew McKechnie, good points well made
Jul 3, 2020 8:14PM
Peter Robertson
David Smith, Nice people get trampled on.Aristotle should not be included.He was good to women,he lived in an age where he was mainstream.He would have never thought he would see the day when women,and minorities were promoted for being what they are,when there are millions of deserving ones who are ignored!
Jul 3, 2020 5:02PM
Allison Aspden
Interesting & possibly controversial information.
Jul 3, 2020 12:00AM

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