5 important facts about Martin Luther King Jr

This legendary man fought for justice the way no one did before. His eloquent speeches helped thousands of people to believe in their strength and better future. Let's learn something new about him with these inspiring Martin Luther King Jr. facts.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
This information was previously unknown to me. Thanks.
Mar 18, 2020 11:36AM
carlthedad, so was JFK, you bigot!
Mar 17, 2020 2:10PM
Richard Perkins
Anybody here seen my old friend Martin? Can you tell me where he's gone. He freed a lot of people but it seems the good they die young. I just turned around and he's gone.
Mar 17, 2020 10:14AM
Prem Nath Hans
Interesting and educational.
Mar 17, 2020 7:57AM
Lynne Cage
Informative thnx
Mar 17, 2020 2:27AM
carlthedad, WOW! The world you see is an outward picture of your inward condition. Let he who has no sin throw the first stone. It is called projection or better, a holier than thou awareness. I do not despise you sir. Blessings and thank you.
Mar 17, 2020 12:20AM
Interesting information. You covered Nelson Mandela and now MLK both men were brilliant, and may they RIP. Thank you.
Mar 17, 2020 12:15AM
Jim Adams
Columbus wasn’t a President either, #5 is wrong!
Mar 16, 2020 9:56PM
Mary Bass
If only he had lived.
Mar 16, 2020 8:21PM
Darrell Cole
He was the right man, at the right time, with the right message (from God, I'd suspect)
Mar 16, 2020 7:24PM
carlthedad, Glad you mentioned these failings. Most people are not aware of them.
Mar 16, 2020 5:39PM
Veronics Moss
Amazingly interesting
Mar 16, 2020 4:54PM
Nothing I did not know. They always leave out he was a womanizer, adulterer, who love sex with white women. Was despised by every Democrat in U.S. Congress in the 60's.
Mar 16, 2020 4:54PM
garrett scott
Having a holiday named for him is a National honor. When Illinois adopted King Day they also declared a (Casmir) Pulaski day. It is a longer story than I want to spend time doing here.
Mar 16, 2020 12:46PM
Nancy Gardner
A man before his time.
Mar 16, 2020 12:13PM

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