Which is the most interesting war in history and why?

In Central America around 1500, the Aztecs participated in a peculiar series of wars known collectively as “Flower Wars”. While normal wars would see territory changing, civilians dying, and armies doing anything they could to win, the flower wars were much different.

These wars saw almost no civilian casualties, no territorial changes, no sieges, and no decisive military engagements.

A flower war would begin with military leaders from both sides getting together to discuss the war. They would determine the rules for the war, when and where the battles would be fought, and how many troops each side should bring.

On the day of the battle, each side would show up with equal numbers of troops. They would each perform religious ceremonies and prepare until the battle was to begin.

The Aztecs were known as some of the fiercest warriors in Central America. During a normal battle they would use a wide variety of weapons including darts, slings, spears, clubs, and bows to subdue the enemy. Usually an Aztec army was comprised of well trained nobles, and armed peasants who would serve as the backbone of the army.

During the Flower Wars though, things were different. The Aztecs didn’t conscript peasants to participate in the war, and instead relied almost exclusively on nobles or those of somewhat influential upbringing. The weapons involved in each battle were almost entirely limited to melee weapons. Neither side was allowed to bring ranged weapons to the battle.

The battle would begin by the two sides charging at each other. Unlike a normal war, there usually was not a general commanding his troops into a complex series of formations. The goal was not to win the battle through tactics, strategy, or advanced weaponry. The goal was to defeat the enemy through skill and individual strength

Since both sides arrived with equal numbers, and all beginning conditions were made equal, the winner, at least in theory, was the one who possessed the best quality soldiers.

In many ways you could liken this war to a modern sports match, though much more dangerous and deadly.

Flower battles usually saw fewer deaths than a normal battle, and it was more common for someone to be captured. If captured, the fate of the person depended a lot on their social standing. If they were noble born, they were more likely to be released. If they were of lower standing then they could be enslaved or sacrificed to the sun god.

The winning side of a Flower war would get bragging rights, prisoners, and combat experience for the next time they decide to participate in a battle.

After the arrival of the Spanish, one of the Aztec’s longtime ‘Flower war’ enemies, Tlaxcala, allied with the Spaniards to actually defeat the Aztecs.

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Peter Bergman
Aztecs in Central America?? Beddy interesting.
Jul 11, 2020 5:14PM
John McLardie
Darlene Davidson, that was a proper civil war in which thousands were killed in several battles over a number of years.
Jul 8, 2020 3:17AM
Nicholas Miernicki
There should have been a rule stating that if you knock somebody's hat off, you win and get to keep the hat for next time. Hats appeared to be very important with these guys.
Jul 7, 2020 7:15PM
Ilias Tsiabardas
One Of The most brutal and inhumane war's ever
Jul 7, 2020 6:39PM
Jim Adams
IOWs, war games!
Jul 7, 2020 4:57PM
Darlene Davidson
In England they had the War of the Roses.
Jul 7, 2020 1:41PM
Thank you, I enjoy reading about the Aztecs and the Mayan people! Always have for some reason! My favorite part of history! 😊💛 Had not heard of the Flower Wars, though! Interesting!
Jul 6, 2020 5:53PM
Peter Holden
We really get very little info on the Aztecs, Mayans and other indigenous tribes. Would like a lot more.
Jul 6, 2020 5:05PM

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