5 cool facts about pigeons

You probably see them every day, as these birds live almost everywhere people do. Let's gain some new knowledge with these amazing pigeon facts!

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Was this information new for you? Do you like these birds? Do you know any other interesting facts about pigeons?

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Nickey Welsh
Yes when I was about 10, I picked up a baby bird. It's beak seemed huge and I found a dead heron round the corner, so I thought it must be baby heron. I took it home, next door said no it was a pigeon. I hand raised it and taught it to fly ! Well I thought I had. When it took it's first real flight I didn't see it for 3 days but then he came back. Put a tea chest on the roof of the outside toilet for him to live in. Would feed him in the morning before school. Then when I came home would call him and he would fly down onto my shoulder for more food and fuss.
Mar 15, 2020 6:05PM
Jane Berkley
There was a pigeon who would wait for my daughter to get home from school every day and would land on her head. He would come in the house and walk around with the cats.
Mar 16, 2020 4:57PM
Wayne Roberts
To all who call them rats with wings, it is Humans who spread disease! Current situation should be proof enough!
Mar 16, 2020 6:13PM
Pierre Poirier
I love the birds so many people hate. Like crows and pigeons
Nov 1, 2020 10:54PM
Melissa Payne
Never knew any of these things!
Aug 27, 2020 4:43PM
That was nice! I had a similar experience growing up on the farm; the one I raised was my pet for life; would fly to me, etc. I then got into racing pigeons and that was fun, too!
Apr 4, 2020 5:47PM
I like and respect all Mama Gaea's creation. I know she loves them all. Thank you for educating us Quiz Folks.
Mar 18, 2020 5:13PM
Tina Marie Haddad Rhodes
Never thought about it before but I am 54 and I have never seen a baby pigeon. Explains why...
Mar 18, 2020 11:02AM
Sally Onyett
I knew I must have a squab in my shrubs when I kept seeing a pigeon fly down and walk through the undergrowth. Sure enough a few days later i saw it sat on my garden wall and was being fed by an adult the same size...! 😜
Mar 17, 2020 6:47PM
Sally Onyett
Carol Butler, probably not but they’ll know where they are when they arrive..! 😜
Mar 17, 2020 6:42PM
Carol Butler
They ride the subway; but do they know where they are going? [;o
Mar 17, 2020 1:57AM
Ilias Tsiabardas
I Like them but not their droppings.
Mar 16, 2020 8:54PM
Michael Budd
but there like rabbits
Mar 16, 2020 4:32PM
Thomas Mellard
Very Interesting
Mar 16, 2020 12:45AM
Bob Negrelli
Mar 15, 2020 8:14PM
Patricia Crumb
Very Interesting
Mar 15, 2020 6:48PM

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