5 weird questions you've never googled

There are questions that seem to be simple and absurd at the same time. These particular questions keep spinning round again and again in your head. Let's finally answer them!

Some questions sound too easy however when it comes to answering them we get even more strange questions. Do you know why raccoons wash their paws? Or why do pigeons move their neck when they walk? It's time to learn the truth!

Did you know that? What's the weirdest question you've ever been asked? Tell us in the comments below!

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Michael Swick
At one time in Britain the English language was outlawed and the only languages that could be spoken were French and Latin. The present English language contains words from just about every language spoken including Celtic, French, German, Latin, Spanish spoken Hindi, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, the Norse languages, Spanish, Italian, Welsh, Scottish and Dutch, just to name a few. For example the word pyjama is Hindi, the word sabotage is Dutch comes from when the Germans were using the Dutch as slave labour during WW2 they used to take off their wooden shoes (Sabot) and throw (tage) into the machinery. The word Real Estate comes from Spanish and translates as kings land when explorers claimed new land they would do so in the name of the king so it became the property of the king and he would grant the land. Because of this “borrowing” that is why there so many different words for the same thing. The only language that hasn’t been borrowed from is the American Indian language and because it hadn’t been written down and translated it was used during WW2 for radio transmissions because it couldn’t be broken. It was a language and the same idea could be expressed in many different ways without repetition. Much like the Egyptian hieroglyphics couldn’t be translated until the Rosetta Stone was discovered.
Nov 12, 2020 8:51PM
Conrado De Leon
The change of name of animal to meat is well depicted in Sir Walter Scott's "Ivanhoe". One character says that while the animal is in the farm and needs hard work to keep, it has a Saxon name, but when it is served at the Norman lords table, it takes the French name. Cow becomes beef, pig becomes pork, sheep turns to mutton, calf to veal and deer to venison.
Sep 1, 2020 12:40AM
I loved it, good information on stuff I didn't know I needed to know.
Mar 12, 2021 5:05PM
Sharon Hickey
I remember as a little girl asking Dad , how come the birds dont get electrocuted ,sitting on the powers lines and that’s exactly the answer he gave me .
Sep 7, 2021 3:26AM
Marlene Jones
Found all this information very interesting. I would like to know more of the many words & how the changes & uses cam into being!
Aug 9, 2021 10:39PM
Caren Rounthwaite
Regarding American Indian(preferably Native American) languages: there are hundreds of them. Many animals and place names originated from them. The one used during WW II is from the Navajo people. Michael Swick,
May 29, 2021 5:13PM
Elaine Bauer
#4: you didn’t answer the question; why do they do it? Anyone who’s passed elementary school knows why they survive it!
Jan 25, 2021 8:41PM
Michael Swick
Satish Chandran, no as long as the bird doesn’t complete a circuit between two wires by touching a bird on the other wire or that other wire they they are safe. As long as the bird is not grounded or touch two different phases they cannot be electrocuted.
Nov 12, 2020 8:56PM
Marcelo Noboa
Satish Chandran, ji ji!! so fany!!
Sep 29, 2020 2:39PM
Don Markusic
Raccoons wash their paws because there moms said don't you dare touch me .
Sep 17, 2020 9:39PM
Terry Rice
I thought raccoons washed their food because they don’t have salivary glands....
Sep 16, 2020 4:56PM
Another fan of the birds on the wire. Any other UK residents remember Busby the BT bird?
Sep 8, 2020 5:06AM
Marija Malella Valentekovich
Raccoons do not have salivary gland they need their food wet
Aug 31, 2020 4:52PM
Steve Tingle
A late friend of mine who was Danish called Raccoons 'Washing bears', I wondered why!
Aug 30, 2020 8:20PM
Darlene Davidson
I like the birds on the wire.
Aug 30, 2020 6:14PM

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