From absolute zero to absolute hot - an amazing trip through the Universe

Broaden your understanding of extreme temperatures and find out those of absolute cold and absolute hot.

What do we know about temperature limits in the Universe? All we know is that usually we feel cold at -4°F (-20°C) and suffer from heat at 95°F (+35°C).

Click here for more vivid examples in graphic about temperature.

Are you sensitive to cold or heat? What is better - too cold or too hot? Tell us in the comments below!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
David Roy
Temperature at which paper burns, Fahrenheit 451
Feb 5, 2018 5:38PM
Terry Masterson
Please remember you don't put a comma in the use a period and whatever happened to 98.6 for body temp?
Aug 25, 2022 4:52PM
Julie Allen
johnpburkhardt, The Lut Desert, widely referred to as Dasht-e Lut is a large salt desert located in the provinces of Kerman and Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran.
Jun 28, 2022 11:41PM
Richard Ashcroft
40° Celsius Is also 40°F
Apr 22, 2022 4:19PM
Wayne Roberts
I submitted a question regarding absolute temperature, using both Celsius and Fahrenheit but was rejected as judged not to be trivia!!!! Tried another question which also got rejected, so gave up. So now we get questions that are an insult to the site’s members!
Jan 11, 2022 4:23PM
Wendy Workman
I prefer hot temperature, vs cold.
Jan 1, 2020 4:52PM
Chris Baz
There is no dark side of the moon. Think about it.
Dec 17, 2019 11:36PM
Jim Adams
Theoretically Speaking that is.
Aug 31, 2019 7:03PM
Frances Workman
I would much rather be warm
Apr 27, 2019 5:40PM
Interesting. I was born on the equator, as such; I prefer hot as in California.
Apr 21, 2019 1:44AM
Never heard of the Lut Desert - where is it? I had always thought that Libya had the world's hottest temperature
Apr 3, 2019 6:06AM
Steve Gash
I didn’t know there was an absolute hot
May 30, 2018 2:48AM
vasily tchaikovsky
good information thanks
Apr 10, 2018 11:07AM
the earth's core is hotter than the sun's surface...bragging rights...
Apr 7, 2018 7:29PM
octavius davis
There is no more a dark side of the moon than there is a dark side of the Earth, or any other object that rotates on its axis.
Apr 7, 2018 5:37PM
Vladimir Orozco
Now, what kind of instruments were use to penetrate the core of the sun? Same aplies to the ones that applies to the coolest spots on earth as well of the ‘brightest start.’
Mar 5, 2018 10:26AM

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