Scientists are ready to change your false beliefs

You won't believe that these facts are actually false!

Let's see what common false beliefs scientists have already refuted.

Did you know that these statements are false? Did you believe in some of them? We are waiting for your comments!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Linda Spreng
Besides the typo, the statement is comparing apples to oranges ... UK is a country. Lloro, Colombia is a city. Does that translate into the rainiest country? Not enough information provided to answer.
Mar 7, 2018 5:19PM
Rick Fitzgerald
#1 has a typo. Country is correct.
Mar 7, 2018 4:23PM
Michele Dix
We have found that mice actually love pumpkin seeds, fresh or drier doesn't seem to matter
May 12, 2019 7:46PM
Interesting debunking especially about the mice and cheese. We both prefer chocolate. Thank you for educating us.
Mar 7, 2019 9:45PM
Evelyn Harris Rinehardt
Very. Interesting
Jun 24, 2018 6:33PM
Douglas Oaten
#4 throws everything I know out of the window...
May 14, 2018 1:04PM
Ernie Romano
And mice love peanut bitter !!
Apr 16, 2018 5:40PM
Ernie Romano
Liars eyes dart back and forth !
Apr 16, 2018 5:39PM
Paul Nilsson
I knew the chocolate thing was bullshit!!
Apr 7, 2018 8:35PM
Connie Hurley
Very intersting.!!!
Apr 1, 2018 3:05PM
Patton Woodward
Linda Spreng, Wouldn't that make Columbia the rainiest country then??
Apr 1, 2018 10:52AM
Agapito Lorenzo
I guess the more sugar a child eat the more energy it has has for more active behavior!
Mar 26, 2018 11:44AM
Cristobal Herrera
How many fat scientists have worked in this!.
Mar 25, 2018 5:38PM
Don Racette
Kathy Philips...It's sugar time sugar time sug sug sugar time
Mar 22, 2018 4:44PM
Jean Usner
I ate a lot of sugar as a kid, was thin and very inactive. I liked to read.
Mar 17, 2018 8:10PM
Bernadette Joiner
Mar 15, 2018 10:28PM
Jana Rajan
Rainiest city on earth is López de Micay,also in Colombia. Lloro is second.
Mar 15, 2018 5:09PM

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