We bet you'll enjoy this amazing video of animals in the desert

The camera was placed in a bucket of water in the middle of the desert. That's what happened…

How to gather absolutely different animals (donkeys, chickens, rabbits and even bees) in one place? Offer them something they all desperately need - water. Lack of water is especially felt in the desert area. A US citizen, John Wells, filled a bucket with clean water and placed a waterproof camera on the bottom. Then he put the bucket near his house and waited. For a few hours the bucket of drinking water drew attention of several completely different animals, which the camera was able to capture.

P.S. John managed to rescue the bees that fell into the water.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Judi Hanan
I would have liked to see more animals drinking too. I like the "Friday night film" theme.
Feb 20, 2021 12:50AM
Cheryl McMeekin
Great video, wish it was longer.
Apr 28, 2020 8:27PM
Bobby Cantrell
something calming about clear water and very unique all the diff creatures drinking
Mar 25, 2020 10:42PM
Terry Rice
Loved the video! Wish it were longer...
Nov 13, 2019 5:16PM
Shae Deschenes
WOW that was beautiful and interesting. Loved it. Hope the next one he puts together, same theme, will be much longer. I could have sat back for an hour watching this. Thanks so much John.
Oct 14, 2019 4:56PM
Isabel Laing
Great idea, I myself would never have thought of it.
Jul 30, 2019 10:07PM
Karen Wolfe Whitchurch
Just beautiful. So many wonderful creatures bonded by an elementary need. A great, and yet simple idea.
Jul 26, 2019 6:08PM
Claude E Lett III
Not long enough. I could watch this for much longer after editing. What happened to the hugs?
Apr 9, 2019 11:46AM
Glad the beese were rescued, but felt sorry for the longhorn, as it couldn't get it's horns past the rim! Otherwise, very interesting!
May 7, 2018 12:49AM
Amar Dhillon
Very delightful video!
Jan 4, 2018 9:58PM
Ike Hinlo Caceres
Two thumbs up!
Sep 11, 2017 6:26AM
Loved this!
Jul 13, 2017 4:33PM
Daniel Halley, that's not bugs, it's grass or some kind of foliage.
Jul 5, 2017 7:33AM
James Fuote
Enjoyed it and was surprised to see that the animals in the 'bucket-scene' did not lap up the water like dogs do.
Jun 27, 2017 10:37PM
Ian MacBrown
Spreading bread cumbs attracts birds to photograph.
Jun 17, 2017 6:08PM

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