10 bizarre and wonderful facts about the sense of smell

We feel different scents every second of our life... but even scientists still don't know everything about the sense of smell. Anyway, there are some amazing scientific facts about it that will definitely surprise you.

Was this information new for you? Which fact surprised you the most?

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An excellent educational trivia. You smell very 'smart' right now. Be well.
Jul 4, 2020 2:37AM
Darlene Davidson
It has been scientifically proven that very young babies can recognize their mother's signature smell.
Jun 28, 2020 10:23PM
Diane Herbert Wall
Sometimes I smell things when I remember something--I call it olfactory hallucinations!
May 2, 2020 5:02PM
Subir Kumar Pal
It's true the 7 nos above. I had had good experiences.
Mar 31, 2020 6:17PM
Anne Roberts
I have always been interested in the sense of smell as well as other senses such as taste . When doing an Open university course in psychology at a summer school we were divided into groups of five and each group had to think up experiments I decided to experiment whether if a person agrees to be blind folded and set up to eat all the different flavours of crisps would they be able to identify the taste . Twenty subjects agreed to participate not one of them identified the crisp flavours correctly. Therefore it was obvious that our sense of taste can be affected by our sense of sight . This article is so interesting The fact a dog is able to know when the owner is coming home is good to know .My little Yorkshire Terrier I am sure is aware when my daughter and family are about to visit and perhaps that is because they look after her when I need them too
Mar 17, 2020 8:18PM
Fun stuff!
Dec 23, 2019 4:34AM
shankapoo jones
Yes the information was new to me. Thanks!
Dec 22, 2019 10:29PM
carole winslow
Some new information - just wish someone had edited this and corrected the several references to "smell of sense."
Dec 22, 2019 5:51PM
Jimmy Garcia
Thank you! Very interesting!
Dec 22, 2019 5:14PM
Jim Adams
We don’t smell our home because we have become nose blind to them.
Dec 22, 2019 4:52PM
One can learn something new everyday. Very informative and insightful article.
Dec 22, 2019 4:46PM
Great information! Certainly learned new information!
Dec 22, 2019 1:03AM
Veronics Moss
Lovely information, thanks for sharing. 😍
Dec 21, 2019 4:19PM
That was great information. Thanks.
Dec 21, 2019 4:17PM
Wonderful article, informative.
Dec 20, 2019 11:56PM

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