5 super easy tips on how to eat healthier

As it turns out, it's not that hard to get the most out of everything you eat, even using the most ordinary products we buy all the time. Here is a short list of simple tips and tricks that will take your meals to the next level

There are foods that properly fuel your body with the nutrients it needs, while others only do the bare minimum. Fortunately, we live in an age where food is abundant. Unlike our ancestors, we don’t need to hunt or gather to make sure we survive. We just need to go to the nearest supermarket. But not all food is created equal.

Would you try any of these tips? Do you know any other cool healthy eating tips?

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Malka Rubinstein
will cook veggies whole from now on
Nov 29, 2020 8:18AM
Thank you for educating us. Here is to a delicious Turkey Day USA.
Nov 25, 2020 11:37PM
Val Holmes
Like the idea of cooking veg whole! Will definitely do this! Many thanks 🙏
Nov 24, 2020 12:25PM
Richard Perkins
Sonia Ackhurst, Maybe I won't sny any either.
Nov 22, 2020 10:09AM
David Holmes
I knew about rinsing rice, but have not heard about cooking it in green tea. I also knew that cooked tomatoes are better than raw. I am not sure about the choice of the word "processed" though, it has unfortunate associations for example processed cheese etc. Good quality canned tomatoes are not really processed.
Nov 22, 2020 3:25AM
Judi Hanan
I probably will try washing the rice. Also cooking it in green tea would be interesting.
Nov 22, 2020 1:23AM
Deena Grady
The rice tip. I always use canned tomatoes in my cooking when I need tomatoes.
Nov 21, 2020 6:41PM
Darlene Davidson
I use more canned tomatoes than I do fresh for the reasons given in this article. Many recipes call for chopped tomatoes.
Nov 21, 2020 6:30PM
Steve Tingle
Watch out for tomatoes, they can cause health problems for some people - my mother could only eat a medium sized one if she didn't want gut problems, mostly she just avoided them, and a friend is allergic. Me I adore them!
Nov 21, 2020 5:49PM
Raymond Cardona
I like the idea of cooking rice in green tea as I don't like it as a drink Bonnie
Nov 21, 2020 5:39PM
Love the one about cooking rice in green tea. Going to try it.
Nov 21, 2020 4:55PM
Doris Dallaire
Good tips. Thanks for sharing
Nov 21, 2020 4:51PM
Some great ideas! Thank you. 😃
Nov 21, 2020 4:42PM
Veronics Moss
Thank you nice to know very interesting. 😍
Nov 21, 2020 4:17PM

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