10 pictures that define the phrase 'No DNA test needed'

Human genetics is quite difficult to study, but we all know one thing for sure: sometimes it's absolutely impossible to hide relationship with some of our family members. In this article, you'll see pictures of people who look exactly the way their relatives did at the same age.

Do you resemble any of your relatives so much? Or are there any other examples of amazing resemblance in your family?

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Linda Spreng
No so look "alikey", but interesting nonetheless. My mom took a picture of her 3 girls and 1 boy in about 1948. On Mom's 90th birthday in 1997, we four recreated the pose right down to the chairs used. It's a treasure we each enjoy.
Oct 16, 2020 5:24PM
Judi Hanan
I love these family pics. It is amazing the likeness of grandchild and grandparent. Especially the one of the doctors.
Oct 11, 2020 1:32AM
the pic of the father and daughter baby pics is what the word adorable is all about.
Oct 10, 2020 10:50PM
carole winslow
When one of my daughters was handed her middle school student ID card in a translucent sleeve she thought it was a picture of me at first. Although she had been told her whole life that she looked like me, she never saw it until that day. She called me at work and said. " It's true, it's true. I really do look like you." I chuckled and told her I was sorry that she was so "upset" by this realization.
Oct 10, 2020 9:49PM
Only some look very alike.
Oct 9, 2020 5:03PM
Veronics Moss
Very interesting often people says I looked like my mum, nice of you to share. Thank you. 😍
Oct 9, 2020 4:31PM
Elsy O. Stromberg
Martin Scott, Disagree with you on #9.
Oct 9, 2020 12:37PM
Robert Mookerdum
When I look at myself in the bathroom mirror in the morning, I see my Dad staring at me.He died quite young aged 47 in 1962. Even my Mum whom I met last in 1996 after 28 years said she thought it was her husband my Dad standing in front of her.
Oct 9, 2020 6:00AM
Julie Domaille
My grand mother's sister is me in Edwardian dress so weird
Oct 8, 2020 6:23PM
Nazia Nadeem
Interesting 👍👌
Oct 8, 2020 6:15PM
Leticia Olsen
👍🏼Yes, blood is thicker than water and it will always run in the family!! The family clan always looked alike and mannerism is contagious.💞💕
Oct 8, 2020 5:20PM
I did not see any evidence that they looked like either in all of the pictures, my opinion
Oct 8, 2020 5:02PM
Martin Scott
No 4 and no 9 show the best resemblances
Oct 8, 2020 4:23PM
I dont have the pictures with me, but my daughter looks like her father. 20 years later my granddaughter from a different Daughter looks just like her aunt. The mothers step father.
Oct 8, 2020 11:55AM

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