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Apple admitted intentional deceleration of iPhones - and 9 more interesting facts we want to share.

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Vince Savage
I'm wondering about all the years either side of 1983 the Vatican
Feb 13, 2018 5:12PM
Romy Romero
its amazing informations, some are note worthy
Jul 27, 2018 5:30PM
Linda Spreng
Tic Tac sized eggs for a hummingbird sounds large! Knew a few. Some used to be a "Twilight Zone" plot. Interesting.
Jun 7, 2018 11:37AM
Carole Bradley
I learned something today. Hummingbird eggs , amazing.
Jun 1, 2018 10:56AM
Susanne Braun
Pretty interesting.
May 22, 2018 4:53PM
May 20, 2018 9:00PM
Gautam Shiv Vir
Quite interesting
May 16, 2018 3:16PM
David Velasquez
how did you come up with the numbers in q#3? Any proof?
May 14, 2018 5:25PM
For the bitcoin guy it is billions not millions.
May 12, 2018 7:11PM
Kobus Steyn
Interesting but only 3 and 10 worthwile
May 8, 2018 2:40AM
jeffrey cardot
Hummingbirds are the best ! They don't take part in the problems of the world , they always cheer me up.
Apr 23, 2018 6:25AM
Tasneem Ahmed Khan
Apr 20, 2018 1:30PM
Tom Burns
interesting information, especially about hummingbirds
Apr 17, 2018 4:28PM
Jim Doyle
A couple of them were old news, but I didn't know most of them and found it a very interesting article. I love these kinds of trivia facts!
Apr 14, 2018 4:50PM
Gabriel Tanguay
Interesting !
Apr 14, 2018 8:39AM
Russell Wilkins
Mar 5, 2018 6:30AM

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