What are the common traits of highly intelligent people?


They have few friends: They might have lot of acquaintances, but they are careful to choose friends who are at their level of intelligence.

They hate small talk: They prefer deep and thoughtful conversations instead of talking about the weather or the last trend.

They are good listeners and observers: They know they have more to learn in listening than in speaking. So they shut their mouth and open wide their eyes and ears.

They are curious: They google everything, ask any questions, search every subject.

They enjoy loneliness: They sit by themselves to practice their craft, to reflect about themselves, their values and their objectives.

They invest on themselves: They know their mind is their most valuable tool. Thus, instead of chasing money, fame or whatever, they go on improving themselves.

They are long-term oriented: They delay immediate pleasure for later gratification; they take hard decisions that would pay off in the long run.

They don’t mind people’s opinion: They have goals and a mission of life and stick to it no matter what people think.

They are risk takers: They know a fulfilling life is beyond their comfort zone. So they are willing to take necessary steps to fulfill their dreams.

They are not judgmental: They put themselves on others’ shoes, and try to understand people’s motives behind their actions.

They are humble: They know however skilled they are, however learned they are, they will be laymen in many other areas.

They work hard: They know talent is not enough. So they work every day to be the better version of themselves. They take nothing for granted.

They take care of their health: They know their health is their most important asset. They eat properly, exercise regularly, sleep well and relax.

They don’t waste time: They don’t waste time watching TV, browsing social media. Instead, they use their time for more useful activities such as exercising, reading, searching…

They are voracious readers: They know all the wisdom of the world and all the knowledge of mankind had been recorded in books. Then, they immerse themselves in books to learn and apply what they learned.

They are lifelong learners: They know learning is a life long process that does not stop at school or college. They travel the world, meet new people, learn new languages, and embrace novel experiences.

They have a sense of humor: They don’t take life too seriously. They laugh at themselves and make people around laugh.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
garrett scott
I would submit that smart people do not enjoy loneliness. They do enjoy solitude
Apr 29, 2019 4:01PM
Smart people people tend to enjoy their own company. THEY DON'T LIKE ARROGANCE or BULLIES.
Aug 24, 2019 8:42AM
No one interviewed me for this article but I feel that it was written about me. I love to read and listen to music and am not lonely although I have been a widow for 8 years. I enjoy my quiet time and love to engage with friends for lunches, movies and great conversation. I am also politically active but don't feel the need to express my opinions here. I love learning and languages and intelligent people!
Dec 5, 2019 5:55PM
Norma Cullerton
Lots of people are members of 'Mensa' It means nothing about their character, just sayin!!
Dec 18, 2022 12:29PM
Monty Mathias
garrett scott, Important distinction.
Oct 22, 2022 6:00AM
Robert Improta
So much of this is how I like to think I live and love my life at this time!
Aug 29, 2022 9:03PM
Cynthia Baker Mohr Schrock
Wow. I hit every trait except TV. I immerse myself in criminal series.
Feb 8, 2022 4:55PM
Leticia Olsen
👍🏼Smart people love their own company and creatively artistic.
Dec 2, 2021 7:00PM
Brenda Kay Powell
My niece is a member of Mensa
Jul 28, 2020 4:43PM
Diane Lynn Kinsman
I enjoy friends / people time.. then I enjoy alone, kicking back with I book, or something. Like and do most of these. Say at a party, I'm know to mix. Talk to people. I take some risk, my son is like me. Most of this is like him. love learning new things. I tend to step up between any body being bullied. A family thing, .we all seem to. List is like me.
Nov 27, 2019 5:16PM
Brenda Hanneman Wallace
garrett scott, I totally agree with you . There is a huge difference . I am considered by many to be anti social ; however I just happen to prefer solitude and I have NEVER been lonely in my entire life !
Oct 2, 2019 9:10PM
Rafi Manory
Much of this is b.s., sorry
Sep 17, 2019 10:07PM
A perfect checklist. Nothing to add, or can be added.
Aug 10, 2019 11:40PM
nikita hill
sums it up
Jul 29, 2019 8:51AM
I'm not judgemental & dislike people who judge others (they are usually very negative & gossip a lot), I'm humble, love time by myself, good listener, pay attention to detail, hate small talk, take care of my health... But I'm not a reader but very creative. Sometimes a risk taker. I don't mind criticism as long as it doesn't come across in a mean way or from a jealous person. I don't have very many friends, but I am a fantastic friend to the 2 that I've had since I was 13 & 29. I didn't think about being intelligent when I was younger, (my older sister was very smart & controlling) but now, I realize that I'm pretty intelligent & have a lot of common sense. I'm thoughtful. considerate of others, kind and caring, these qualities were not listed, but being this way makes me a better person.🌻🌺🌻🌺🌻
Jul 17, 2019 10:49AM
Boni Forte
I’m most of them except I am not a risk husband is..
Jul 12, 2019 11:13PM

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