Why don't paramedics run to emergency patients?

I’m glad you asked, because I promise you it’s not due to a lack of concern. It’s actually perfectly logical when you see it from our point of view…

3 Main Reasons

  1. Running is risky. If we trip, fall, get hurt—now there’s two patients.
  2. Running to a patient prevents us from spotting hazards on the way in. Remember, we’re walking into an unknown. We must carefully observe and assess for danger. On the walk in we’ll notice the downed power lines, the room full of people passed out from a gas leak, the dog protecting its injured owner, the hoarder’s junk on the floor when we round the corner, the attacker who assaulted the victim, the weapon lying next to the bystander, etc.
  3. Running makes it harder to keep our cool and operate at peak effectiveness. We need to be the calmest person in the room. Everyone takes their cues from us. We need to think clearly and act deliberately, decisively, expeditiously, smoothly. It’s hard to do that if your own heart is beating out of your chest, you’re breathing heavily, and visibly excited. It takes mental discipline to restrain our own excitement and concern to work professionally and unemotionally in scary situations and adding significant physical exertion to an already stressful situation is not helpful.

5 Lesser Reasons

  1. If the patient sees us running toward them, they may become even more distressed. Our demeanor can be either a calming or aggravating influence.
  2. We’re carrying equipment: stretchers, chairs, oversized bags, expensive EKG monitors, etc. Some of these things we can barely walk with, let alone run.
  3. It doesn’t actually save much time. If we parked far away, which is rare, we’ll be quite out of breath running a long distance with our equipment and have that much more opportunity to get hurt. If we parked close by as we usually do, we might shave at most a few seconds off our arrival time, which would not matter in 99.99% of cases.
  4. If you run on every call of every shift, across every street, down every driveway, up every flight of stairs, through every hallway… it’s just a matter of time before you twist an ankle, bang a knee, split a lip, fall down stairs, etc. I’ve known many EMTs who have gotten hurt and/or split their pants or something and that’s without running. We’re not professional athletes in tip top shape, injuries happen enough as it is and running would only add to it.
  5. We work on highways and high rises. We work in backyards and back woods. We’re in people’s messy bedrooms and cramped basements. We climb stairwells and traverse steep inclines. We work in the rain, the heat, the cold, and everything in between. Running just makes all these things harder.

Those are some of the reasons we don’t run. The only real reason to run is that people would stop assuming a lack of urgency/concern when we merely walk briskly towards them. Trust us, it’s way better for all involved if we avoid running.

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Have you ever wondered why paramedics don't run to injured patients?

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Sandy Otto Bryant
As a paramedic for 10 yrs, l loved doing my job!! Being able to help someone at possibly the worst time in their life was such an honor. Thank you to all the medics and EMTs that have carried on before and after me!!
Sep 5, 2019 6:13PM
My husband was a fire fighter-emt for 25+ yrs. He was very devoted as most of them are. Thanks to all who serve, especially the ones who transported me when I broke my leg.
Sep 28, 2019 4:33PM
Elsy O. Stromberg
O.K. You made your point!
Aug 23, 2022 12:30PM
Bob Bracegirdle
First aider courses taught the same.
Dec 30, 2021 4:31PM
Tina Marie Haddad Rhodes
All ready knew the reasons. Not a paramedic but watched Emergency all my life. Good old John and Roy. But I do work in the medical field.
Sep 13, 2021 8:20PM
Allison Aspden
Those a valid points! Thank you.
Sep 2, 2021 7:35PM
An Emergency on Your part does not constitute one on Mine
Aug 2, 2020 2:26PM
Carol Aurecchione
tk u for the info.
Dec 27, 2019 4:55PM
I was a p s w for 30 years staying calm and observant was most important way to help people.
Nov 5, 2019 8:54PM
ann garton
Great explanation. Thanks to all EMT'S!
May 27, 2019 11:35PM
jack patti go
No, I figure they know what they are doin! Thanks yo all EMT workers! Whether you are full time, or volunterr! I know many and they are selfless givers! Givers of time, health, energy love, compasdion? True heros!💯❤🙌🚑🚑🚑
May 18, 2019 5:36PM
Barry Chapman, Cool! When someone advocates it here, the right wing screams "socialism"! Years ago, when medicare was debated, the right wing screamed the same. However, since it's been in operation since the mid-'60s, they willingly take advantage of it. We got quite a few kooks on this side of the pond.
Apr 10, 2019 5:58PM
Hugh Berry
My life has depended on them on many occasions. I would not be here if it were not for them. God Bless them all.....
Apr 1, 2019 4:56PM
That was interesting!
Mar 3, 2019 5:12PM
Barry Chapman
harrycat, we have free medical care in the UK
Feb 20, 2019 4:40PM

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