8 weird feelings that you for sure experienced but couldn't explain

 Story: 8 weird feelings that you for sure experienced but couldn't explain

Every day we experience lots of emotions which sometimes can be hardly explained. QuizzClub team has found the names of the most common ones. Read and learn something new!

Anger, passion, love, pleasure - we all know these feelings and their names. But have you ever had the feeling of sadness that you will never know what will happen with your descendants or this strange feeling of calm and comfort when you stay at home in a rainy day? Unbelievable but true, all these emotions have scientific names. Read the article and you will know them too!

Do you like this article? Have you experienced these emotions? We are waiting for your response in the comments below.

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Your opinion matters
Pat Davis
Wow! I wish I could remember all of those so I could use them in casual conversation. Yeah!
Jun 19, 2017 4:25PM
Faye Parsons
I wish I could remember these words to use in scrabble
Jun 19, 2017 4:43PM
William Miller Jr.
Didn't know there was so many
Jun 19, 2017 4:53PM
Bob Gorby
One could add "Schadenfreude" to this list. It's German for "joy at someone else's misfortune and/or discomfort."
Jun 19, 2017 6:10PM
Linda Byerly
Think I will just forget about it!!!
Jun 19, 2017 6:49PM
Jeffrey Sage
Who cares? Gotta live my life and nott give a hoot about all that garbage.. its a waste of time to even think about it!
Jun 19, 2017 8:33PM
Janice Marler
#7-Jouska- is a favorite of mine. I always think of things that I should have said or done after the fact.
Jun 19, 2017 11:12PM
Joann May
Jun 20, 2017 8:23AM
Quincy J. Reed
Jun 20, 2017 9:01PM
Luis E Cespedes
New terminology
Jun 20, 2017 9:26PM
Linda Spreng
Okay ...
Jun 22, 2017 11:42AM
Joyce Sterling
And now I know! How many times have I thought "oh, how I wish I would have said this- or that- or...! Having jouska is not for jokesters?lol
Jun 22, 2017 3:37PM
Kathy Bennett
Very incite full
Jun 22, 2017 6:56PM
Gilda Page
Unusual words!!!!
Jun 22, 2017 9:37PM
Gwen Mann
A few of These but didn't realise, many a time a feeling of de je vous
Jun 23, 2017 5:17PM

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