12 unbelievable phenomena: our world still can surprise us

Nature is magical and unpredictable...We gathered the most exciting nature phenomena for you!

#12 Brinicle - ice finger of death

This phenomenon appears in the Arctic under-ice waters due to different temperatures of the freezing point of water with different salinity. It looks like unexpected increased icicles which reach the bottom and turn into an ice stream. Marine animals, met on its way, quickly freeze.

The idea of the existence of Brinicle was first proposed in 1974, but was proven only in 2011. BBC operators accidentally filmed a video of this phenomenon and today it is the only video of Brinicle.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Helen Allard
Apr 5, 2020 10:23AM
Raymond Cardona
Thanks for the Amazing photos and info. Our world is truly a wonderful place. I learned a lot from your article. I had heard of the brinicle as David Attenborough talked about it in one of his planet earth series which I would highly recommend. Bonnie
Jul 26, 2019 7:17PM
Bob Pam Hanna
The "Ice Fingers of Death" is what fascinated me the most. Thank You for all the photographs.
May 5, 2019 6:26PM
Lynne Cage
Fantastic pics thnx
Mar 28, 2019 6:14AM
Peter de Boer
I have heard of the fickle finger of fate; now I have seen it.
Feb 26, 2019 8:50PM
George Chomyk
Wow! Zowie!
Jan 25, 2019 1:47AM
Darlene Davidson
Impressive. Some of them I'd never heard of. The forest looks like an enchanted forest from a fairy tale.
Jan 3, 2019 5:13PM
Irma Rivera
Am flabbergasted!!! Beautiful creations!!!
Dec 8, 2018 7:08PM
Shae Deschenes
Very interesting. Many of the phenomena I've never heard about.
Nov 11, 2018 6:07PM
Shemeela Sasikumar
Awesome facts about nature in different place of the earth.
Oct 11, 2018 6:55AM
Hamsa Rani
Amazing info.Tk u
Oct 7, 2018 10:11PM
Linda Spreng
One day I'll share this with others.
Sep 15, 2018 5:06PM
Todd Cates
Fire balls ? from what ? methane gas, how are they ignited?
Aug 18, 2018 5:30PM
Ian Swindale
We get red tides around the Cape Peninsula in South Africa and the authorities send out messages on the various media outlets not to eat fish and shellfish caught in the tide
Jul 23, 2018 5:25AM
Paul Davis
Brinicle would be scary if you were a starfish!
Jun 10, 2018 7:23AM

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