Things you won't believe are still prohibited for women in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country where women have extremely limited rights. You will be surprised to find about the things that are still prohibited for female citizens of this country.

Have you ever heard about these surprising prohibitions before? What do you think about that? Do you have anything to add?

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Jacky Pierce Friedman
Was married to a man from Pakistan in 1995-2000. He tried to make me like that. Told him he married an independent girl from USA. Knew that before we got married considering we met at work. Couple of times he hit me. Hit him back. Once leaving a hand print on his face for a week. He had punched me in the mouth and Drew blood. We separated in 1996. But couldn't get divorced until 2000. After my first hubby beat me and cheated on me I vowed no man would ever get away with treating me like that again.
Jun 22, 2018 5:22PM
Ian Swindale
I live in South Africa and to say we should have that here is utter nonsense. I can well remember when I was in Saudi Arabia seeing a man and a woman coming out to our plane and I assumed he would be in First Class and she in Economy - not at all uncommon. However, she was in First and when she was settled in the man left the plane leaving a very attractive lady as she had by then after his absence thrown off the abaya and hijab. She did not put them back on when we got to London.
Jun 23, 2018 6:15AM
David de Tremaudan
This will continue as long as we sit by and do nothing. They say the civil war in the US was fought to free the slaves. Well, maybe it's time to free another sector of society from servitude and slavery, because what else can it be called? One does not have to advocate for feminism to speak out against this oppression, they just have to be human. When someone states that this is their culture, it's time to look at another regime that led 6 million Jews, 4 million minorities, and was responsible fore the murder of 20 million Slavic people. This after all was just their culture. What the hell is wrong with civilization that we tolerate this obviously oppressive culture with no end in sight for the victims?
Aug 20, 2018 8:46AM
Ronda Bickle
Jacky Pierce Friedman, Good for you. It takes a strong woman to leave an SOB like that. It is unfortunate that American women stay with American men who beat and then kill them and the children all because of the woman saying she loves him. That's BS.
Aug 23, 2018 12:44PM
OMG! I left Kenya for freedom of being. A man is not my God.
Sep 6, 2018 4:34PM
Sue Brousseau
Jacky Pierce Friedman...good for woman should have to accept that sort of behaviour from any man. .....regardless of where you live....
Aug 25, 2018 3:14PM
Christine Gardner
Lost for words to describe this horrendous treatment of women :( We are ALL equal and should be treated that way. While we have so much freedom in Australia, there certainly is a little way to in the Political arena.
Dec 12, 2020 9:30PM
Justine Merle Atkinson
Unbelievable. These poor women. Although I expect they are so immune to it, and accept it as the norm. But to make them so subservient, under the guise of 'protection' is horrific. She is absolutely under his thumb in every conceivable way. Oppression in its highest form. Evil. Inhumane. I do wish that some sort of movement could eradicate this so-called cultural 'belief'. It was never intended, by the Divine, God or any other description of a higher being, to dehumanise and degrade any human being. However, it is sometimes the way of the world. We need to urgently inform world-wide indignities and abuse suffered by people in any way we can.
Oct 27, 2020 7:50AM
Eric Morfitt
These dreadful laws are made to keep women almost as slaves,all other countries should be working to stop these dreadful practices.
Jan 2, 2020 12:58AM
Judith Bandsma
Gee, did you ever notice that's the same things the men in power in THIS country want for women?
Dec 19, 2019 5:03PM
Lynda Baird
A person that needs to control like that has little faith in their own control over themselves, to oppress is wrong it's that simple, this world is no where near fair to all who are born into it! I don't believe men are without brains, there are intelligent women and intelligent men, the men that learn this way of behaving and adopt it are not too bright the smarter ones have to appear to do it for to veer from it may mean that their own safety is at risk so they pretend to appear to do it but are smart and compassionate enough to know it's wrong, many horrible things and injustices still occurring in life, we do not learn for the betterment of all, greed, sexual aberrations are among us still! Very sad indeed!
Jul 6, 2019 12:33AM
You say they wear only two pieces of clothing? Don't you mean there are these two pieces that they must wear. I would hope they wear underwear under that long dress!
May 8, 2019 5:57PM
Lauren Durrant
Makes my skin crawl. Despise their treatment of women. We are not chattels. The worst part is the young girls getting married off to older men.
Apr 26, 2019 4:19PM
Paul Jacob
They should turn Southies!
Apr 22, 2019 12:14AM
Sad no person should be treated that way, men and women are equal in the eyes of god. Shame on the country that treats them as second class humans
Apr 21, 2019 7:05PM
Caroline Weis
Thank God I live in America where I can do lots of things without a mans request or say so. Freedom was given long years ago for women in this country.
Apr 11, 2019 2:08PM
Jack Graham
My female pet dog Gracie has more rights!
Apr 9, 2019 11:43AM
Violet Anne Anderson
That is the old basic Muslim religion at its finest
Mar 6, 2019 8:23AM
Bob Pam Hanna
Misquoted about the drivers license. After double checking, I see it was not until June of 2018 that a women were granted a license. Ahhh!!
Feb 18, 2019 6:14PM
Bob Pam Hanna
It's about time the WHOLE country gets into the 21st century. No drivers license till June 1998. Again, get into this century.
Feb 18, 2019 6:07PM
Alicia Noda
Feminists? Crickets sounds.
Feb 7, 2019 10:28AM

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