10 vanishing animal species that future generations might never see

The topic of extinction of endangered species of animals is one that is not given enough focus on. This is a direct topic that everyone of us should get involved in either actively or by simply being informed about it. Listed below are animals that may become extinct very soon.

Having read about the sad reality of these animals, some form of empathy must have developed towards these endangered species.

Are you one of those people that remain apathetic or one of those people that desire a better reality for these creatures? Tell us what you think.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Doris Dallaire
Humans are the most destructive of species. Too bad we put greed ahead of preservation of our lovely planet and all it’s inhabitants.
Feb 28, 2021 9:47AM
john duckett
Sad indictment of the species that constantly destroys but never declines.
Feb 27, 2021 4:36PM
Raymond Cardona
These are all beautiful animals and it would be a great loss if we no longer had them. Bonnie
Feb 27, 2021 4:43PM
Humans are a very destructive species. I sometimes think people won't be happy until every last animal has gone.
Feb 28, 2021 7:38AM
Ilias Tsiabardas
Apparently we the Humans won't stop until we destroy Everything including Ourselves Unfortunately 😪
Jun 30, 2023 9:52PM
Audrey Lee
The way man has destroyed the atmosphere, the planet's animal and plant life is horrific. It's sad that future generations will not know the beauty of God's creations.
Apr 7, 2022 4:53PM
Beautiful creatures but if humans aren't careful they'll be gone too quickly and this will be a terrible loss
Oct 22, 2021 4:34PM
Please, please, please share this with friends, family, facebook...wherever you think people will read it...awareness may help a little. This is so important. These animals were put here for a reason, we can't afford to lose them
May 31, 2021 10:05AM
Nancy Mueller
I guess money is more important than murder is bad. Deforestation in order to have more arable land to cultivate has to be compared in cost to losing species after species. I hope there are scientists and biologists enough to save the dna of the dying species, at least. I just don’t see the one percent giving up drilling for oil, mining for diamonds and precious metals, or retraining people to do different jobs than agriculture.
Mar 2, 2021 4:49PM
Matthew Roen
The polar bear has made a huge comeback. The reason you see them so far south now is NOT because their habitat is dwindling because of global warming but because their population has increased so much. An increase in population means an increase in hunting grounds is required.
Feb 28, 2021 8:13AM
Madi Marven
Add human beings to the pot & hey presto,extinction looms,sad but true!!!
Feb 28, 2021 6:39AM
Julie Allen
Broad habitat areas and long migrations make it difficult to estimate population size. Of the 14 distinct populations, 12 are estimated to number more than 2,000 humpback whales each and two are estimated to number fewer than 2,000. Some populations (such as those off eastern and western Australia) are believed to number in excess of 20,000 animals—a remarkable recovery given that the same populations were almost eradicated by whaling almost sixty years ago. By contrast, the smallest known population is one which inhabits the Arabian Sea year-round, and may number as few as 80 individuals. Three humpback whale stocks in U.S. waters are designated as depleted under the Marine Mammal Protection Act (as of the 2018 stock assessment reports).
Feb 28, 2021 3:39AM
Julie Allen
Veronics Moss, All it would take is for every human couple to only have 2 children. China was right on track with their one child policy (unfortunately it didn't work because so many people only wanted a boy).
Feb 28, 2021 3:31AM
Joyce Greenlees
Veronics Moss, extinction is avoidable if humans stopped polluting and destroying habitat for their own greedy and selfish ends.
Feb 28, 2021 3:22AM
Pierre Poirier
We are a paradite species
Feb 27, 2021 11:12PM
Richard Hoff
Over 99% of all species on earth are now extinct. Man has only been on earth for ashort period time . Let's not blame everything on man.
Feb 27, 2021 9:20PM
Deena Grady
Until we, the human species, can figure out how to clean up the water, that has been and continues to be polluted by us, in a whole lot less time than it took us to contaminate worldwide water; no creatures of our seas are safe from being decimated to full extinction.
Feb 27, 2021 8:52PM


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