15 of the most annoying things we deal with every day

Sometimes, even the smallest things can really get on our nerves. This list of the most irritating small things proves that everyone is faced with them from time to time, and the best way to deal with it is to have a good laugh and go on.

Which of these little annoying things is the most relatable? Would you add anything else to this list?

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Jean Morton
When I keep hitting my pinkie toe.
Sep 1, 2020 5:00PM
Jennifer, maybe you are in love?
Sep 1, 2020 5:01AM
Richard Perkins, maybe you should first consider people who drive too fast and weave in and out of traffic without using their directional signals. Richard, that includes you.
Sep 1, 2020 5:00AM
Richard Perkins
People driving slow in the fast lane and won't get over.
Aug 19, 2020 9:35AM
Gary Delia
The little stickers they stick on fruit that don't want to come off!
Aug 12, 2020 4:33PM
Micheline Ratcliffe
people who can't "read" arrows in car parks and drive towards you expecting YOU to move !
Aug 9, 2020 7:34PM
bina sarmah
When I think I forgot to close the garage door, and come back halfway and find that it is closed. When I go to long distance, I always think I forgot to turn off the stove.
Aug 9, 2020 6:20PM
Martha Calkins
ninakamwene, There is a solution. Go back to the actual spot where you thought of what you needed, and it will come back to you. There’s something about physically being there...I don’t know why it works, but it ALWAYS does. And when you think you’ve forgotten have, even if you can’t put your finger on it. But you have, trust me.
Aug 9, 2020 5:40PM
Kenneth C. Lind
I can add 2 more to list. "NO PARKING" Blocking one off when in plain view and "PARKING" in DISABILITY ZONES" with "NO PERMIT".
Aug 9, 2020 5:03PM
Cindy Ursan
Too funny! I could add things for days!!!
Aug 9, 2020 5:02AM
All relatable. When I walk into a room and forget why I went there. Thank you for reminding us that to err is still human and not the end of the world.
Aug 9, 2020 4:13AM
Elizabeth Topaczewska
When I open mango 🥭 and is spoiled inside.
Aug 8, 2020 7:57PM
John Bayly
The one that annoys me the most is when I say to myself "I feel like I am forgetting something. Then leave, and when I get downstairs or someplace. That I realize I forgot my wallet or my cellphone and have to go back to get it.
Aug 8, 2020 5:36PM
My two big things are; forgetting the mail I was going to take, to drop off at downtown box and forgetting my cellphone, laying on my bed. You'd think after doing this dozens of times, I'd be able to remember them. Makes me wonder what is going on in my brain.
Aug 7, 2020 5:48PM

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