Would you dare to ride down a 1,000ft high glass slide?

If you want to brave it, you'd better not look down.

This terrifying attraction is now open to the public. Do you want to give it a whirl? Those who are brave enough will be able to slide down 36 feet of glass between the 70th and 69th floors of a LA skyscraper. You are supposed to entrust your life to 1.25-inch thick glass. Even though this type of glass is said to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes, we really think that you have to be stir-crazy to try it out. Most of those insane people (who literally tried their fate on the slide), say that this ride was probably the worst experience in their lives.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
I’d try that looks like fun
Oct 9, 2021 7:38PM
Don't think I'd volunteer for it myself, but fascinating!
Sep 30, 2020 3:00AM
Dave Woodward
No way in hell would I do that. It may be only 45 feet long but at the height it is, I would get a heart attack just looking down at it.
Dec 3, 2019 6:30PM
Kevin Robinson
I WOULD put it on my bucket list
Nov 6, 2019 9:42PM
Mayette Santos-Mesa
I will never do that. Met that tht and my group climbed a steep mountain at Puerto Galera, Palawan, I struggled a lot. I do not want to repeat that experience. No way!!! I do not engage in extreme sports or activities. I lead a peaceful life tinkering with my keyboad.
Oct 19, 2019 7:02PM
Deena Grady
Not just no, but Hell NO!
Oct 15, 2019 4:17PM
Thomas Daly
No chance
Jul 21, 2019 3:16AM
hector tubens
Time for a drink 😨
Jul 13, 2019 8:45PM
Irma Rivera
I don't know if I'll try that ride!!! Mm maybe!!!
Jun 1, 2019 6:43PM
Diane Thompson
Bring it on! I love wild rides. We watch coaster wars and I get so frustrated sitting there in front of the TV when I want to be on them all!
May 15, 2019 6:34AM
Diane Thompson
Charles Graham, Absolutely! The longer, the wilder, the better.
May 15, 2019 6:32AM
Pamela Spallin
Kind of scary but I’d like to think about it
May 13, 2019 12:22AM
Audrey Lee
Hell NO!
Feb 16, 2019 4:56PM
Ian Swindale
That strikes me as less heart-stopping than the 2 rides on the top of one of the skyscrapers in Las Vegas
Feb 7, 2019 10:46AM
Douglas Oaten
No way!
Jan 9, 2019 5:04AM

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