Why does our voice sound differently when recorded?

In this article you will learn why people don't like their own voice while others may find it nice.

All of us, probably, heard his/her voice recorded and, no doubt, many felt it was some stranger speaking. To some of us our own voice seems higher or sharper but it's never like what we are used to hear while our conversations. Besides, small children have no idea who is speaking when they hear their own recorded voice.

Let's try to understand why this happens.

Thus, people around us hear our voice through outside sound vibrations, same as we do when we hear our voice recorded.

But it doesn't mean you have an ugly voice. It's just a psychological factor coming into play: we barely recognize our own voice and react in an absolutely natural self-defense manner - we feel embarrassed.

On the contrary, your interlocutors are not surprised at your voice, and may even like it, because it's the same they always hear it.

Do you like to hear your voice recorded? Do other people like your voice? Tell us in the comments!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Mack McCullough
I sound wierd when i hear my voice. Strange!!
Apr 21, 2021 4:09PM
Varsha Degwekar
I don’t like my recorded voice at all , I am as you said quite embarrassed. I find it harsh and grating on the ears.
May 20, 2020 11:10PM
Brenda Luca Difiore
I’ve always felt that my voice was too low. Whenever I get on the phone, people say “yes sir “ & it’s embarrassing. But now that I’m older, I don’t mind. At least I don’t have a high “squeaky” voice🤣
May 17, 2020 5:39PM
I always thought my voice sounded different on a recording!!
Sep 18, 2019 6:37PM
I like probably 99 percent of us hate my own voice 🙊
May 23, 2019 9:32PM
Yousuf Mirza
The acoustics of air transmission is different from that of bone transmission plus the resonance in the sinuses.
Apr 14, 2019 1:01AM
terryscottboykie, SO WHAT, TERRY?
Sep 17, 2018 7:54PM
Janette Lee Scott
Thank you for the explanation. I neber Knew why my voice sounds so foreign to me.
May 18, 2018 7:38PM
Jerry Stanfield
Go back to school and learn the difference between an adverb and an adjective Heather Nicely,
Apr 8, 2018 11:18AM
I’m always amazed how much higher my voice sounds on a recording.
Apr 7, 2018 4:56PM
Bette Rae Lund Watkins
terryscottboykie....”we appreciate you waiting for the next available representative”...DRIVES ME BATTY!!! ....especially when it repeats several times on a recorded message 😵😵
Apr 4, 2018 5:12PM
Kathleen Whay
Margie Wilson, Sorry, but had to put my two cents in on this one! The correct word is “differently”. You need the adverb-differently-which modifies the verb (does sound)! Adjectives modify nouns and pronouns/adverbs modify adjectives, verbs and other adverbs/hence-differently, the adverb is correct here!
Mar 24, 2018 5:58PM
Amar Dhillon
Was aware of this phenomenon.
Mar 13, 2018 9:02PM
Karla Crary
Always wondered about this. Now I know!
Feb 27, 2018 4:30PM
John Puza
I thought and wondered why.
Feb 26, 2018 9:38AM

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