Can You Score 10/10 In An Elementary IQ Test?

Can you get a perfect score on this elementary IQ test?

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Johnny Rock
10/10 It helps to work in a pizza restaurant.
Sep 20, 2021 4:59PM
Johnny Rock
Agree with the rest, number 3 doesn't use the correct order of operations. It divides and then, multiplies. The correct wrong answer is 8 but done with multiplication first, then division, the right wrong answer is 2.. See what I did there?
Sep 20, 2021 4:56PM
Bruce Maine
I have become so used to people not doing simple math properly when making these quizzes that I actually guessed that the answer to number 3 would be wrong. Whenever you do one of these that has division involved, use a line! What’s above the line? What’s below? The correct answer is 2.
Sep 18, 2021 9:10PM
John Alford
Question three was not correct, always do the parentheses first!
Aug 18, 2021 3:39PM
Barry Crews
I agree with the others re Q3, but checked on Google and it says 8. BODMAS is going to kill me!
Jul 11, 2021 2:56PM
Allan Asaph
Louis Michael Durocher,, How did you arrive at that?
Jun 25, 2021 2:35PM
Debbie Panebianco
#3 is not 8. The answer is 2.
Jun 10, 2021 4:49PM

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