IQ quizzes and tests


The Impossible To Solve Quiz

I bet you can't solve this quiz 100% correctly! Or can you?

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Can You Pass A 5th Grade Grammar Test?

You need to get at least 15/20 in order to pass this test.

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Can You Solve This Logic Quiz?

Have you got what it takes to pass a specially-designed logic quiz?

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Can You Get A Perfect Score In This Unique IQ Exam?

You have to get at least 8/10 correctly in order to pass this one.

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Only People With Exceptional IQ Can Pass This Animal Vocabulary Test

A recent study gave this encrypted animal vocabulary test to a group of 100 people and only the ones with the highest IQ passed.

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If You Can Solve These 9 Riddles You're Mensa-Level Genius

You could be a Mensa-Level genius! Solve these 9 riddles to find out!

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Only Smart People Will Pass This 10-Question IQ Drill

"A recurrent headache is worth about 150 IQ points."


Can You Finish Off These Scientific Facts?

How much scientific knowledge did you really absorb from watching The Magic School Bus?

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