Food quizzes and tests

Take these online tests and learn more about the food we eat and dishes from around the world. Be careful — these quizzes will make your mouth water.


Can You Match The Pastry With Its Country Of Origin?

Butter, sugar, flour! Do you know where each pastry originated from?

#Geography #Culture #food

Only a True Foodie Can Name These Uncommon Fruits

Can you name these fruits? No, we're not just talking apples and bananas...see how well you know these exotic fruits from around the world!

#knowledge #food

The Ultimate British Foodie Quiz

How well can you spot these best British foods?

#Culture #knowledge #food

Can You Match The Country To The Breakfast?

Do you know what people around the world eat for breakfast? Find out how well you can match the breakfast dish to the country!

#Culture #knowledge #food

What Percent Fall Expert Are You?

With fall now upon us, take this ultra-tough trivia quiz to discover how much you really know.

#funny #knowledge #food #holiday

Are you a healthy person?

Want to know if you are ACTUALLY healthy? Take the quiz and find out. It's not about the number on the scale, it's about what you eat.

#health #food

Have you ever wondered what the food you eat every day can tell you about your personality? Our trivia questions and tests will show your emotional state. What is more, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the world cuisine.


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